Friday, June 19, 2009

Away (not so) Far away

Going out wasn't the best choice actually. Felt awkwardness. Never liked the feeling. So i'm glad i'm back home. In bed. Choosing between watching True Blood or entering dream land. Hmm...

Am glad i actually decided to cheer myself up by going for dinner with Hosan and Daniel. Some good butter pork ribs @ Commonwealth, again! Plus the boys actually managed to knock A BIT of sense into me. After all boys understand boys cus they're well, boys.

Maybe i should heed their advice and enjoy singlehood cus i'm still well...young. Need to start making more friends. Hopefully i can just stop having the mentality that i'm attached so i can open up!

Anyhowz, really wanna fast forward the time. NEED TO SHOP. SUPER FREAKING BAD.

I'll update this space when im back on Tuesday. Miss me? :) 

p.s omg everyone knows i love bows and chanel is my fav brand, guess what? i stepped into the boutique this afternoon and went crazy chanel+bows. omg!!!!!!!

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