Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Girl

Today i brought my fav. girl out of dinner @ the Marriott. Had awesome awesome sashimi :>

Ly with make up!! Thx to me. I suck at putting make up but see, my dear girl looks so good!

However, not the best place for buffet. Not a big variety & it's quite pricey (but do not ask me how much because ly cannot know!).

Finally found a dress to match my wedges!

Oooooh & check out my gigantic pink flower (from forever21)!! Cannot wait to wear it out hehehe.

& i don't know if it will be a mistake blogging about this but i'm going ahead with my Alarplasty surgery!

"Your wide nose makes you feel like one of those funny-looking animated characters, somehow it makes you feel less confident and unhappy. Now the time has come for you to do something about it."

I look like Squidward. REALLY CANNOT STAND IT. I complain about it non-stop and so it's about time i did something about it. I know my nose is already sharp, but the sides are really REALLY WIDE. I like my nose from the side, a lot. I just want to like it equally much from the front too!

Alarplasty is different from rhinoplasty. The common nose job a lot of people do is rhinoplasty, which is the insertion of of a silicon in your nose to make it sharper. The one i'm doing is to only reduce the side of my nose. The doctor i consulted said that there wouldn't be a very big difference as my nose can only go about 10-20% smaller.

I'm also considering chin augmentation! The doctor said that my face will always be this chubby :( and the only way i can make me look not so chubby is to get a sharper chin. Hmm.....let me think about that.

My mum's pretty supportive about it and she's going to be with me during my surgery. Thank God for a supportive mother!

Am expecting lots of encouragements/insults. Mentally prepared. My mind's SET.

So good bye blog. For prolly a week or 2? (but i'll still be tweeting away so follow me on twitter - up there! ^)

p.s my nose looks slightly smaller this few days because i've been using the nose clip & pinching my nose pretty religiously! the result of the surgery will look something like that. i no longer have to rely on the nose clip to look good anymore hehehe!

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