Saturday, June 6, 2009


So...i've been sleeping very little and eating SO weight gain is pretty obvious already. 

I hope the 3 days break away from this island will be good for me. 

I don't know why but i've this feeling i wouldn't be shopping much. Looking forward to pampering myself with a full body massage every night and maybe...doing something to my hair! About time yeah...hahaha.

Losing weight...can wait. Because since eating's the one of the few things which can cheer me up! 

I packed my sunnies! 

Planning to get a display for 'em! Like shop...haha.

My "WOW" nails. I dont know what color this is,all i know was that i told that MAN-icurist (haha really man lor) that i want something "WOW!!". Luv it. I was telling Donna how i want it to be permanent! Haha.

(p.s guess what, after i finsihed this post, i looked at my nails and realised 3 chipped off!!! walau my $45!!!!! :( it's been less than 24 hrs lor. I SERIOUSLY SHOULD START BEING GENTLE AND GIRLY.)

& Ly came to join! I am so glad she did because WE HAD THE BEST PRIVATE TALK EVERRRRRR. More to come i hope! I am glad we did because i told her one of my biggest secret hehe!

Going to the airport naowz.

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER K. I don't know if the sms tweet thing will work but i hope it does!

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