Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbye my lover

I decided to post some pictures of us.

Because this would be the last time you'd be appearing on my blog or i'd be mentioning you (but i do hope 10 years down the road.......omg ok i shld just stfu).

The wink you made me do non-stop during my hospital stay heh.

Bunny dog dance!!

Our happy family with 2 kidz. But i'll be taking the custody for both children. Since...yeah you decided to give her back to me.

I rmb your old house....where we always wrestled each other. Like super violently. Who would ever do that with me man :(

You also thought me the smell before you kiss someone thing hehe. We called that REAL kiss.  Cus if you miss out step 1 that'll just be a fake kiss. & i always miss out step

The one person who wouldn't mind his girlfriend eating way more than him and being fatter than him. It's diff now though, you would say i gain weight (go on and on about how big i look now and round my face is) and encourage me to lose it instead of loving fatty me in the past. Skinny will always be beautiful. Superficially? I mean boys rather date skinny girls than fat girls. So i'm starting my diet (which he thinks is IMPOSSIBLE) but i know i'll just use those words you said to me to give me that push. Goodbye to days travelling to places to eat....goodbye!

And i would never forget....our first date. :) Why did you even fall for a fat lard like me back then!!!!

I h8 it. The feeling's back. I thought i could actually manage alone. I guess not? But i'll try learning. I just cannot accept the fact that there will not be this one person in my life who would give it all for me anymore. No special person who would be able to tahan my princess attitude and LOVE my imperfections.

Regretting what i did so much. I have always been good girlfriend material. Till i decided to fuck it all up and be bad. I ended up going overboard and what did i get? Nothing good out of it. Ruined my perfect girlfriend image. Ruined our relationship. Ruined everything wonderful we once had. If only i could turn back time and actually thought of the consequences. None of this would've happened. I'll remain the girlfriend you always dreamt of and we'll be living such happy happy lives.

Maybe it's good that you are choosing to have nothing to do with me now. Cus you made me feel the pain of losing someone you love so much. Made me realise how stupid i was to treat you like that. Made me regret not treating you better for the last few months. Learn from my mistake and not fuck my next one up i say.

I should stop bugging you to get back with me by bringing up all the amazing stuff we once had. Because it won't help....what's done can't be undone.

It's really not easy getting over a relationship of 2 years. What's making it worse is that we are no longer going to be talking. At all. :( No one understands how much D means to me. 2 years ain't THAT long....but what we went through was one hell of a roller-coaster ride. He was my bestfriend. My boyfriend. I even planned to marry him. Actually all my friends thought so too. I never admired other couples (even though sometimes i complain that other boys are sweeter :X) because i didn't feel a need to. We were pretty....perfect as a couple? He's the only person in the whole wide world who knows me inside out. Maybe even better than i know myself. He's the only person whom i dare be extremely nice and bad to. I've never been more REAL.

OH WELL. Life still goes on.

Tomorrow i'm flying off for a shopping spree. THE THRIPLETS STYLE - YAY!

As for today, i think i should just stay in and SLEEP instead of going out. Even if i do, i'd still feel very lonely inside. Sighzzzzzzz.

For the next few months, I should just put all my attention into making money (while everyone goes back to school to study). I should just enjoy the lonliness and freedom. Also using this time to hide away from the very very very sure i'm going to do something bout my face. Yup thinking what i'm thinking? Hahaha.

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