Thursday, June 18, 2009


Back home from CW's. Skins marathon! I think i'm in love with another boy. Seriously. Never liked saving pictures of other boys but...

with a face like his how can you resist! BE MINE ALREADY HAHAHAHA.

& the rest would make you go crazy with their good looks too...

HOW CAN U NOT LOVE SKINS. Season 2 down. Well almost? 1 last disc to complete! Season 3 here i comeeeeeee...

Also, spent the morning playing Monopoly (which i rock at....LADY LUCK'S ON MY SIDE ^^ maybe i should go gamble. HAHAHA OK NO MAYBE NOT.) & Cluedo till we ended up so tired and not knowing how the game actually works.

Stayovers are so much fun. Hehe.

Ok i think i should rush down to the post office now. GDBYE.



I'm going to get a lot of e-mails asking where their package is :( OMG NOOOOO :(

Anyway, i feel really sad now.

But saving the emo post for another day.

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