Sunday, July 5, 2009

Armpit bestfriend

Last night before i turned in, i managed to have a vid call with my Armpit Bestfriend.

I wanna post all the pictures up! But i think he will have no face already. So for him i will control. Haha. (FYI, d & i are still FRIENDS. even though i wanna get back with him, he doesnt want to,for some personal reasons, so yeahhhhh :( makes me emo nemo thinking bout it but OH WELL LIFE GOES ON...)

I woke up happy (so got mood to take random picx haha)

After my hot shiok bath and bare faced.....not like i wanted to be though. I really wanted to put foundation and yada yada but it'll be damn hard to wash it off cus i've to be super careful around my nose area and it's my nose area where i smack the most foundation on. Lol.

But i'm in thailand and i feel fine walking around crowded places without make up cus no one gives f. So comfortable. Not like singapore, i die die cannot don't put concealer, foundation, mascara when i go to crowded places. Ill feel so uneasy & go home. AY, but it's all in the mind...

Anyway! The pt of posting this pic is to let you guys check out my nose! I bet you all can't see any difference though. Cus like i said, it's a minor surgery (i wont look any different)! I feel that it's more even for my face now? It's still swollen though, so yup....when it gets better i'll post another!

& went down to have my breakie.

And it's amazing, i didn't really eat that much. I was full so quickly! After eating one bowl of noodles i already felt like i ate 2 bowls. Then i ate a bit of cereal and some dim sum. Which is damn little to me when i was not on the pill. This proves that...the appetite suppressant pills are working! YIPPEEE!!! I've only had fruits for lunch and i'm not even that hungry now. BUT....i'm gonna eat anyway. Cus thai food rox my sox.

Tmr is going to be boring. I've done enough shopping already. Today i went to chatuchak and was so happy because it was cooling! For once. Then i got 2 frikin awesome tops...

This one costed me SGD$40 but it's AMAZING. I love it so much so much sooooooo much! I never ever spend over SGD$30 for a single piece of top from chatuchak. Never am willing. However, this was too good to pass!

And aside from all the black, chain, studs, leather, boots....i still have a really girly side of me..

How can anyone resists such a cute coin pouch!

& this camera pouch for $3?!

I actually think this trip's shopping was pretty good. Am lazy to take a picture of all my loots. There's just too many. I look at the mess i created in the living room area and i feel like fainting. So wait for me to wear it out next time. Haha.

Time to go down to 7-11 to get..

Yup, this is my fav fav fav drink here. Hehe.

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