Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doing it for a thrill

I really should be saving up for the car starting!



'nuff said?

Come to think of it, it's quite impossible though. :( BUT I WANT A CAR OR MORE LIKE, I NEED!!!!


Friday night i decided to step out of home and meet people! Was kinda taking a break from people for almost 2 weeks. To spend some time alone with my own thoughts.

Went to phuture for Jo's birthday. Met new people. Danced and sang the night away. Was good. It's been kinda long? The last time i went i didn't stay for over 2 hrs thanks to excessive alcohol and pepp pills which didn't work.

Told myself i've gotta get myself into Butter for Thriller last night and BE HAPPY. FEEL FREEEEEEEE.


Woohoo! Finally met tofu! 

Merlyn! Sooooo pretty right....hahaha
p.s my nose from the front! it still looks the same right (as in shape)? just small width! i think it's just the perfect size for my face. SO GLAD i decided to do it. I WILL NO LONGER CALL MYSELF SQUIDWARD!

Cute lil child.

& i guess i did. Energy level x10. Think i looked crazy. Like a monkey or something.


Oh and not seeing people for a week, I GOT QUITE A FEW "you lost weight!!!"s!!!


I'll try not go out from today till next weekend and continue EATIING HEALTHY and exercising. Hopefully next weekend, i'll get more "you lost weight"s.  :)

Ooooh and i realised how bad i look in pictures with black hair BUT BUT BUT i really like it! My hair looks way thicker and healthier!

p.s i've checked the authenticity of the pink chanel bag alr!!!!! AM GLAD IT IS AUTHENTIC! it's a really really old model though. prolly over 10 years old!!!!  well it's okay. at least i didn't get cheated. :)

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