Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get yr fash on

Another post!

Because van just uploaded pictures from pretty long ago!

I'm very excited to go back to Singapore (also very excited to see how my nose will be like when it's healed)!

Planning to paint my room dark grey (or black-but they say ghosts will hide in your wall?! is that true?!) and get a big pretty rainbow chandelier.

I wanna revamp my room so badly!!!!

Oh btw, i shopped a lot hehehee! HAPPY ME HAPPY ME. Will snap a pic or two of my loots on the last day.

I might be getting another pair of DM boots, in red or maroon patent tomorrow. (It's 5000baht for a pair though. MORE EXP THAN IN SGP?! I think?!)

Because the baby pink one i got this afternoon looks too cute to be worn out! Hahaha. I pray it wouldn't be one of those shoes i put up to display on the shoe rack only. Like the yellow snake skin boots.....BUT THAT ONE AH, makes my size 5 feet look like it's size 100 or something. Bad bad. :(

Maybe i should start collecting boooooooots! 'nuff of sunglasses and sandals and heels!

OMG YES!! Brilliant oh so brilliant!

p.s Btw i'm on diet day #2 & doing quite well. Pretty impressive! :) My mother thinks i'm too heavy too. She got a shock when i stepped on the weighing machine that day at the hospital. At first, she was like all of you lor - say i'm not fat blahblahyadayada thinking im exaggerating my weight and all, but NO I AM NOT OKAY. She was all "OMG WHAT HAPPENED?! WHAT U EAT?!?!". Hahaha. then today i got her to bring me to a doctor who gave me pills to suppress my appetite (because i really cannot be full even if i eat 2 plates of chicken rice or something!). Sadly, i can only start next week when i'm off the medication for my healing. the pills will definitely work so i'm definitely gonna lose some weight! HEHE.

p.s p.s Also need to go look for my tatt artist when i'm plan my full back. HAHAHAHA. I am serious i rly want it!


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