Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Pony Day

Omg...fuck Blogger man. It's still not working properly!!

Received a few e-mails of tips on how to solve it but all of it doesn't work on a Mac. It's kinda affecting my online store now. Dammit URGH!!!


So anyway! Pony turns a year older! Happy birthday donzzz!

Pictures. Lots of it!

Xlb xlb xlb!!!

Happy girl with a dozen pink balloons from the boys. Swear you wouldn't miss her if you were in town yesterday. Lol. But see the happy faceeeeeee.

and we celebrated her birthday at Zouk. So happened to be RSG - CROOKERS!!!!!!! It was MAD fun.

This is fendi & i owe him an AH LIAN. Anyone? ;)

Sudden outburst of friendliness boy & Mars.

My face expanded already. Damn fast luh!!! Haha. This are my 2 dancing queens.

Wondergirls fail picture hahahaha.


Bubblegum shotz!

However, same ol same ol thing ruined Pony's almost perfect night. Boys will be boys........

But i guess overall i guess it was still fun!! Hope you enjoyed pretty baby!

So anyway, because of Don's birthday, i couldn't reply mails :( so sorry babes! I also missed the mailing time today. I was NOT supposed to sleep. I even ordered Mac breakfast to keep me awake. made me fall asleep instantly. Pig habits are hard to kick you see.

So i've to do everything on Monday. DAMN...I accidentally booked a flight on Tue. A bit too soon luh.....but oh well i'll just go anywayzzzz.

Wanna meet bestie for a good din din today. Feel like having xiao long baos. I know....i just had it yesterday for Donna's birthday dinner but....XLB ROX WHAT! ^^

Ok bye!

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