Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let go of your ego, it's not about you

Can barely open my eyesssssssss. Hopefully i'll be able to get my beauty sleep tonight!

Quick quick quick! :) Closing at midnight (or maybe slightly later)!


I don't get why you hate practically every guy around anyway. Why hate even before you know them? OH yeah...i forgot. You're too cool for new friends! Hmm but you hang out with them pretty often eh. Hypocrite much?

Well well well sometimes i'm glad i ain't THAT stupid. Come on, you do know i can see through your lies. Im quite a resourceful person ^^ I just don't get you man, why bother impressing me when you don't want me. Why do you want me to want you when there's nothing about you left to love? Hmm.........

Do your thing with the girls alright. I know there are plenty of girls out there for you who look way better than me (am sure it's easy to find since i'm so ugly and fat in your eyes) and with your DASHING MAD GOOD LOOKS(which you always claim that you have....YEAH WE CAN SEE THAT - you do know good lookers don't need to emphasize that point if they really have it lol. oh sorry man, i was never in love with your looks? unlike you.....) and POPULARITY (surely what.... big time gangster.) - you're so gonna score with the girls. Hmm but one thing's for sure, no one will ever treat you as well as i did because i don't think anyone would be as crazy as i was. Then, you will learn "appreciation".

One fine day, i hope you realise how heartless you were. One fine day, i hope you experience misery the way i did. One fine day, karma is bound to bite you in the ass. Real hard.

You aren't all that you think you are you know... Wake the fuck up. You're a Loser. With an over-inflated ego.


I am going to sleep now. Wheeeee~~~

p.s i DONTE like you. DONTE ok. HAHA.

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