Saturday, July 18, 2009


I want to turn back time :(. Soooo....last night d came to keep me company.

Why do guys have the ability to get over their lovers so quickly?!?! :( IT'S JUST SO FUCKING UNFAIR.

Btw we aren't together already. NO chance lah haha.

I actually like being sick.

The only time i totally absent myself from the cyber world. Well, kinda? 

Which is good. Finally a good break?

I've a flight to catch tomorrow morning. I pray i'll be able to go and come back safe. I know it's unsafe to go when i'm in this state is work?


And as of next week, i will say good bye to partying (ok no, after donna's bday to be exact) and HELLO TO WORK. I'm going to go down to the shops too. I need to prepare myself for Oct, when all the responsibility's going to be on ME. It's not splitted between my mum and i but in Oct my mother's going to....GET MARRIED! I'd be on my own then. I'll get the house to myself. Woohoo! 

Not gonna be THAT easy i'm sure. I need to like...give my mum allowance and yadayada. Exciting though!!! 

Anyway! I'm really sorry for the slowness in replying e-mails and mailing out packages. :( Next collection, Freda's gonna be working for me! So hopefully everything will go pretty smoothly and faster!!!

p.s pretty cool....i've an....EYE CANDY!!!!! it's a BOY. omg i never really had one...who's a boy. this one is special cus it is rare to find someone who looks like dddddd hehehe!

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