Monday, July 27, 2009

Away from it all

To all the lovers and the haters, thank you all for following my life so closely. However, i think it's time i said good bye to this space where i shared so much to the world. Don't feel like writing about my life anymore. Well, especially not for now.

There's so much unhappiness in my life that i share in this space and end up getting "attacked" because people hate emo posts. Those who can't put themselves into my shoes would say stuff like "u should be glad that u am more fortunate than prolly half the population of africa blah blah yakkity yak". Why would go compare yourself with someone with a lousier life than yours? Everyone wants a better life no?

You know, people can say "this is your blog, you have every right to write whatever you feel" but....when you get "attacked", it doesn't feel good at all. Honestly, most of the time when i'm not out partying, i'm usually filled with a lot of sad thoughts and if i were to blog on a daily basis (which i try to avoid) about how i really feel, there'll be a looooong chain of emo posts. I hate that i have to refrain myself from writing certain things because then, people think my life is interesting & almost-perfect but how much do they really know? Why let people get the wrong picture of my life? It is just so fake. I feel so weird when people leave comments like "oh u have an awesome life!"~~~~ when it isn't. Nope, not one bit.

So why not i only start blogging when i feel genuinely happy again? God knows how long that will take but it's better than leaving people with the wrong idea about my life!

Taking a break. From everything i once had.

Will be living elsewhere....away from all things familiar!

Btw will still be alive because i still need to stay alive and live. I just can't disappear (even though i really want to) because without the online store, i really don't have anything to do and would be starving. So yup....i guess this space will only be filled with pictures of clothes clothes clothes.

I'm sorry to scare those who care. But I know this will do me good & i promise i'll be fine. Maybe a tweet or two - so at least you know i'm still alive? Hmm.... & I am still contactable via e-mail!

I just need to be alone. Need a lot of space. I hope you girls understand.

let go, let god