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I think the baby pink chanel is a fake because the authenticity card looks so fake?

But the workmanship of the bag is pretty good. The stitches and everything matches at the sides. 

BUT....i've a strong super strong feeling it's a AAA imitation cus if it's real then why the need to fake the auntheticity card!? Oh my god. $1000...I COULDVE GOTTEN A LOT OF THINGS. 

K,better not think too far yet.

For now, i just needa get out and get someone to check it for me. Grrrrrr

I just went to google WARA (the name of the shop) and cannot find their number anywhere.

I found this on purse forum though, 
"shop which's selling the NEW and 100%AUTH at the price that almost exactly the same as u buy from Italy or France.the shop owner is friend of my bf's mum.my bf's mum got her MC speedy 30 brand new at about $1600. and few weeks ago i asked them the price of the priscilla mc bag,and it's about $1312.The shop name "WARA". EASY TO FIND bcuz it's located on the first floor of MBK.it's just next to the "SANTA".SANTA is a franchise like KFC.(hope u understand what i mean....it looks more like KFC bcuz it's fast food,,chicken,burger,,,and something like that. im sure u'll find it.)in Wara they sell brandname accessories and bags and clothes.) "

Rahhhh....I dont know why but the more i look at it, the more i touch it, the more i feel it's not real. Maybe it's all in the mind because of that autheticity card....still!!! 

Yesterday night before i turned in, i didn't have internet access and was so effing bored, i decided to take a photo using the webcam and photoshop it!

Not bad right....like pretty girl like that! Hahaha!

The original picture was really...damn ugly! Oh, trust me man. Wanted to post the before and after but really ah, when i look at the before one, it was so....URGH. So anyway, I added some eyeshadow & made my face a bit skinnier. Made my complexion fairer and glowy! If i can look this good with photo editing...maybe i can in reality. GMH. :) HAHAHA.

Guess what's the major thing?

Guess guess guess?!


The widow's peak - removed!

Makes my forehead look much higher.

Since then, i cannot stop thinking about removing it. Shaving it off or going for permanent hair removal.

Honestly, i think i look much better without it! What do you think?

I havent heard anyone getting rid of it though. Have you? Haha.


This Chanel union jack bag has been in my mind for an extremely long time already.

But for maybe half a year (probably longer?) i've never seen the actual piece before! So i just let it stay in my mind. Then recently, DX's aunt gave that to her! Jealous much much!!


Cus you know what?

I gave my boring macbook a major extreme makeover!!!!!


Then in 3-4 weeks time, the next collection on OSF will consist of lots of union jack stuff which i designed. Thanks to the reminder of dingxuan's bag! HAHAHA.

I spent around 2500 BAHT in that shop buying crystals. The lady helped me do my phone!

Not bad right! A bit the KaWaIinehxXx~~~~ kind but nvm lah hahaha.

At first there was no bow! I left the shop staring at phone for damn long. I liked it but felt something was amiss. Then after 1 hour of staring....I FIGURED I HAD TO ADD A BOW. The bow completes me & makes me whole. Then i fell in love with my phone right after. Whee!!!!

Oh and i didnt do it directly on my phone cus my phone is forever in the case, so i decided to do the case instead of on the phone.

Ok after the make over for my gadgets, i walked around MBK aimlessly. Around a lot of shops selling bags. Yknow how MBK is flooeded with a lot of those shops right! Then i suddenly stopped at a shop and turned around. I SAW THIS BABY PINK CHANEL AT THE WINDOW DISPLAY. I thought it was an imitation like the rest. But then somehow i just kept staring at the bag from outside till i saw this sign saying "only orignal bags here".

Wah.... my heart beat damn fast i swear i was so happy!!!! Pink chanel is definitely gonna be cheap cus it's in a consignment shop! So what if it's 2nd hand!!! I dont care AND I GOT IT FOR SGD$1K FLAT! After much negotiating. I hate negotiating but i really am not that rich lor. If not i would've gotten all the chanelszzz!

Again, id like to repeat, it's ONE THOUSAND ONLY . CHANEL. 1K. Where to find! Unless....my mum lor. Can't believe she sold away the black caviar 2.55 to a girl for 1k+! Haha.

Anway it's canvas... BUT WHO CARES. ITS STILL PINK & CUTE.

Can't see myself carrying it around often though! I mean it's pink....i like pink...i love pink but i dont really like wearing pink. Too sweet for me.  Usually all the pink stuff stays inside my bag. 

Goes perfectly well with my baby pink patent DMs. Ahhhhhh joy 2 the world. I better go check it's authenticity though. Later fake i will kill myself and die.

I can't believe i thought today's gonna be a boring day (prev post). Such a wonderful day. But now i'm like...broke. I have like 17kg worth of new clothes.

I really enjoyed my week. Though i felt very lonely but not bad lah!!! My mum was with me for the first 4 days though. To see me through my surgery hehe.

REALLY TIRED NOW. SOOOOO many unread e-mails and so many packages to pack and mail out tmr. GONNA DIE. I think i only slept an average of 4 hours a day for the whole week. INSOMNIA. SRSLY.

This is my (not-so) safety pin! HEHE. CAN KILL PEOPLE!!!!

p.s btw i'm settling with dark grey walls!!! however this week's gonna be sooo packed. 

or maybe i should just find a painter! 

but painting is a very good exercise!! might be able to lose 1 kg painting the entire room alone. or maybe 2. 

(the emo part of the post shall go! i've decided to save that part of the post as draft instead. haha)

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