Friday, October 9, 2009

How now brown cow?

I really really really feel so damn fucked up now.

These few days haven't been easy. I definitely hope the e-mails will be replied by tonight. The number of unread mails for the online store scares me. Well DUHHHHHH....think the last time the mails were replied was 3 Oct? I don't know man really......i don't want to blame anyone.

Mars said that i should just learn from this mistake. And be more strict....well i hope i can. I understand that customers are people that i don't know and they shouldn't even be giving a fuck about the internal problems i'm facing. However, i really did not see this coming. AT ALL. So i hope ya'll can stop scolding me and all that shit cus it's not entirely my fault. Basically i hired the wrong person for the job (how would i know she wouldn't be able to handle it if i didn't let her try?) and things are what it is now. Ok but then again, i don't expect anyone to bother to understand whatever i say in this space if they don't wanna......Still, i hope you know i'm really sorry! I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TOO Y'KNOW!

Btw, i've already hired someone new. Someone i don't know personally! Since everyone's advising me not to employ my friends. I do hope she does a good job.......

There's always sunshine after a rain!!! Please please let this end FAST! I hope it'll be more or less settled by next week.

It sucks cus i can't launch the new collection and not being able to launch a new collection means that i'll be broke. WHICH SUCKS....I CANNOT CANNOT BE BROKE! The bills to pay....the rental...the house...oh my god...SUCKS TO BE ME Y'KNOW REALLY. I thought i could see myself enjoying October since the office has been set up and everything. URGH.


On a side note,

I opened my mailbox and got a surprise from Nuffnang!!!

The 2 cheques add up to $1k!!! YAY! WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY i need not worry about not having enough to spend. THANKS NUFFNANG I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS~

and the 2nd happiest thing this week's getting a makeover for my BB.

It has transformed to a PB!

MY TRACKBALL IS PINK PINK PINK! Not easy to find to pink trackball okay! HAPPY~~~ I just need to get the sticker for the top of the LCD screen in pink and it's done!

Cole Mohr & Ash me!!!!!!

Aiyah but a lot of ppl have PBs already so not that special. I'm thinking NEON - Orange + Green + Yellow + Pink! Well in a few months time lah. Cus i'm in love with the pink! Actually.....i wanted the pearl pink one. X10 NICER! However...the keyboard had some foreign words.....such a waste :( I haven't seen anyone with the pearl pink one yet! I'D BE SO JEALOUS IF I DO!


I think it's freaking pretty! REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!! Thinking of selling my iphone and getting this pink one.....but like....waste money. SO PRETTY~~~~~~~~~

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