Monday, October 26, 2009

I could be your melody

Firstly, before i start, i'd like to wish everyone taking their Os gooooooooooooood luck k! I can't wait for after 11 Nov cus there's gonna be a HELL LOT OF PARTYING TO DO!

I can't believe time is passing soooooo quickly! It's scary. Omg.

The Online Store - Updated with a great collection! I really like this collection! ALL BLACK. OK, ALMOST. I think black's like the best best best color to wear~ ok but it's getting boring so maybe for the collection after the next, i'll add more colors~ (Ok see, hint there! Next collection....almost all black too. HEHE.)


Thank you babygirl for the help! I feel so lucky - my friends can pull off all the clothes really well~

Nuffnang Awards

Did my make up & hair at Beauty in Vogue (the next post will be the advertorial for it)!

Well, i think i can't pull off super neat beehive thing. I looked so weird not having a few loose strands flying here and there cus everything was all stuck neatly thanks to hair spray. It's soooo weird....i guess it's just me. Messy is my thing. Hahaha. Neither can i pull of smokey eye effect. I look like i just got punched or like i havent slept in 14291371273 days. I looked so bad, SO BAD. I had to purposely pull of some strands here and there, shake my head like mad to get it a lil messed up before i got into the cab to Pan Pacific Hotel for the dinner.

When we reached, i felt like going back home. Everyone present seemed to look so good and confident and fresh?? Whereas Donna, DX, Daryl (triple Ds there!) & I looked so......unprepared for such an event. We stood there stuffing Pringles (btw the green one is REALLY AWESOME) into our mouths. Once we're done with one plate, we'd move on to the next and the next. They were hungry whereas i was.....trying to calm myself down. Hehe.

I seriously felt like hiding in a hole. I didn't want people to notice me or even recognize me cus i wasn't looking me! However, i'm glad Daryl agreed to come with me so i guess everything wasn't that bad cus he was constantly squeezing me so tightly and assuring me that i look fine. Aww.... :) Btw, we're not together. I'm still crazy over him though but i am also Dating...ok everything's SO complicated now. That's why i'm like sad almost every day. I'll blog about the Mess someday....but for now, i'd rather keep it within my friends.

SEE! Told you everyone looked soooo good and i look like i'm not supposed to be there. :/

Well, i bet ya'll are wondering if i won anything, sadly, NOPE. But, i was expecting it. SERIOUSLY. Cus i'm aware that i don't own the best blogshop around. Yet? Haha. I'm still building it.....and there's still lotsa hiccups here & there! But! It's slowly getting there....and maybe next year? We'll see! Watching the awards also made me wanna be happy and keep my blog going with interesting stuff instead of flooding it with all kinds of emo nonsense. Then again, how would i be able to blog happy if i'm not happy? HMM.......

The whole dinner was a wonderful experience though! Also saw a lot of people who seemed so much more interesting in person than their blog! Namely, XX and Kennysia? They were kinda exactly how they were like on their blog, but better? Now who says Online Celebrities are Losers?!?! Y'know i saw a statement like that, they were saying how people who are famous online can never be famous in reality cus they don't have what it takes in the REAL world BUT I STRONGLY DISAGREE. Now now that's a topic i can blog about but i'll leave it for next time!

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