Thursday, October 8, 2009


I find the first 2 pictures of DX & I scary. Like photocopy. LOL. BUT HONESTLY SPEAKING.... we don't really look that alike IRL cus i'm fatter and tanner and....not as pretty!

Have been so busy to blog :( or have any fun.

Goodness i hope all of these ends. Fast. Under so much stress now. I nearly forgot about my birthday. In absofuckinglutely no mood to celebrate it! Also, was soooo looking forward to the Nuffnang Awards cus it's one of the rare moments i get to dress formal!!! Now....i'm kinda hoping it wouldn't happen so quickly cus i'm not even sure when i'll be free to shop. Sigh.

Well i thought after getting an office space and employing people, i'd be able to take my mind off the online store for a while and concentrate on the design part but....guess i was wrong. Things can't always work the way you want it to!

So like i sincerely apologise to EVERYONE for the delay. I know i promised ya'll it'll be fast! Well i said that with to much confidence i guess. Cus looks like everything has been slowed down.

Instead of having less work, seems like i've more work to settle.....I don't want to blame anyone. Cus not everyone is suitable for a certain job....I'm not a someone who likes to put pressure on my staff and giving them datelines...i prefer them to work at their own pace. If their own pace is too slow, well it just means they're not suitable for it?

Getting another girl to do the emails and i really really hope it'll work out. The packer is great but then if the girl replying the e-mails is slow....the packing and mailing will be delayed too.

Yknow...i hate to order people to do things....but as mentioned, it's too much for me to handle that's why i need to employ people to help me. I like my employees to feel comfortable and enjoy work....that's why i hate to set datelines cus i'm afraid they'll feel stressed up. But then when i don't....things don't work out. I always assume that people will work the way want them to. Well yeah assume.....what an ass huh. Oh well, I guess i don't know how to be a boss. :/

SO ANYWAY I REALLY NEED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT I AM NOT REPLYING THE EMAILS...SOMEONE IS DOING IT FOR ME. It's not that i wanna be slow.....i really don't wanna be!!! And if you're wondering what i'm doing...well...that's for me to know! I am busy with stuff that i won't reveal so yeah. BUT YOU MUST KNOW I'M NOT BUMMING AROUND DOING NOTHING OKAY~~~ I only have Fri & Sat nights off THAT'S ALL~

Please please let me enjoy my pre-bday celebration on Sat night without stress!! NEED TO LET GO & HAVE SOME FUN~

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