Friday, October 2, 2009


Goodness i've been in the office every single day for the entire week! 3/4 of my time is spent here! I love it. Really cozy! Only thing that's lacking right now is internet access!! Thankful for Millie's starhub thingamajig or i'll be wasting my morning away here. Don't feel like staying home you i left my laptop here last night.

Ooooh and awesome thing is it's opposite my fav. prawn mee place! Been having it for like 3 days AND AM STILL NOT SICK OF IT. Y'know....i love the prawn mee but i dont eat the prawns cus they are not shelled. Yeah it's sliced...and i can easily eat it but i hate hate hate the shell! I find it annoying....don't like spitting out stuff.

Anyway!! Since this place is so near haji & NAFA, friends have been coming over to chill~

Ok so a few nights back, they came over to rest after a long day...then came Donna....who was so energetic she started jumping around and dancing to whatever music was playing. DX joined Donna and they danced and decided to take retarded videos...


They were saying how they can advertise my apparels this way! Haha. Oooooh and you see that Fariz super in love with sequins now. He wants to wear that baret to the mosque! Haha.

Ok and now....witness the side of us many have never seen before!
....unless you've met all 4 of us together (Mars is behind the scenes).

No drinks, no drugs, no we're not on anything....

We're just unleashing the Retard in us. To kill boredom. & burn some calories (i swear this is awesome exercise). ALSO CAN SHOW YA'LL HOW MUCH FUN WE CAN HAVE TOGETHER ~~~ :)

p.s our moves wasn't planned beforehand. No practice no whatever!

LO & BEHOLD.....

If you already think this is retarded....please don't bother watching the other 2 below. Really. Hahaha.

Me as Sean Kingston + my fire. I swear i feel embarrassed posting this up (& the following)!! But oh well~~ it's funny......

This one looks like we had practice beforehand but nope nope everything was IMPROMPTU! Hahaha. And the 2nd song playing wasn't intended.....actually the video's longer....with our contemporary dance but Donna will go bananas if i posted the rest of it hahaha.

Hope ya'll had a good laugh!

I've been pretty busy and stressed up with hardly enough time for anything! So yeah....Thankful for them girls!! Stress relievers...hahaha.

I feel like sleeping right now! Am wrapped in a blanket now hehe.

Yes my office has a lot of pillows and a blanket....puuurrrrfect for sleep!

p.s i hate my BB alr. hahaha. as in the blings and all. am going to do another makeover!! STAY TUNED.

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