Monday, October 19, 2009

Fat & Thankful?

Supposed to be a night out watching movie but well...we ended up being spontaneous and went to Zouk despite what we were in. Unexpectedly, a fun night. I love random planzzz.

There we met Gayren......yeah look, being gay, as usual...hehehe.

and Andy...

and Andy's friend, Steph, who happens to be Mar's friend...who happened to be the girl i mistook for "Seth" - some show off person or something like that? Lol. Quite embarassing when Mars introduced her cus i confidently went, "OH SETH....ISNT IT THE SHOW OFF PERSON YOU WERE TELLING US ABOUT IN THE CAB! SMALL WORLD!!" then Mars & Donn just burst out laughing. Sometimes i wish i can tune myself to the right channel when listening to my friends....cus i embarrass myself A LOT thanks to this problem of mine.

Diet fuh-reeeeeaks!!!! Seriously wish i could eat as little as both of them lor! Donna darling you've found someone like ya!

Sometimes, i don't know if i should be glad my body's like that. Like, i eat a my record was over 10 meals(yes eg. fried rice, lor mee) a day THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and i've a super high metabolism BUT i cannot lose weight and always stay this way!!!!

Well when i lose weight, i lose it super fast. All i have to do is eat just 3 meals a day like a normal human and my weight will drop! That was what happened when i was on my appetite suppressants! I stopped snacking and only ate proper meals. I lost like 3 kg in a week? But when i went back to my old diet, i gained the 3kgs i took a week to lose in 2 days! AND OH BOYYYYYY IT SHOWED ON MY FACE AND MY ARMS AND MY TUMMY.......but ever since i gained that weight and am back to the weight i was at for the longest time....i didnt gain anymore. Which is great! Cus i don't exercise. Yet i eat so much. I think my perspiring problem is the one helping a lot uh? I perspire super easily. It's disgusting actually but very helpful for me since it's said that if you're perspiring, you're burning fats! And that's what i do, almost 24/7? Super active sweat glands you see. :X

Dont you just wish you were born skinny with a high metabolism and have no weight to lose at all (or maybe even better, you wish to GAIN a bit more)?!


Maybe i should just eat like that and AT LEAST GO WORK OUT OR SOMETHING since i'm like desperate to lose weight by Friday!!! I can't get hold of the appetite suppressants cus i'm not flying away this week. So sad!!! Cus i'm sure i'll be able to get rid of those unwanted fats in a week with those magical pills (but then, ill gain it again in a day or two, so like waste $$). and our weight issues. So annoying huh!!! BUT CAN'T HELP IT THAT'S WHAT MAKES US, GIRLS. I get annoyed when people complain constant about their weight eve though i do the same. Lol. I guess girls are made to annoy each other. Hehehe.

Anyway some randoms from babygirl's fishy eye!

Don't think i'll have much to blog about this week. But but but definitely gonna have a post during the weekends cus NN Awards this Friday! Am quite excited 'bout it now. I really love dolling myself up for formal events....!!! I can go do my hair, get my make up done by a professional, get a mani/pedicure.....etc. Ahh....will get to relax and have fun after a week of working~ & at night, i'll have sumptuous entertainment and get to oogle at good looking people present at the event! Have i mentioned about how much i LOVE looking at good looking people?!

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