Friday, November 20, 2009


A lot of people have been asking me details of the fashion show......which i shall reveal now!!

Together with the details of the flea market before the show~~~

Dear Readers, Friends, Flings, Lovers and Haters of Ohsofickle,

SWAP & $HOP is here again!
20th December 2009 is the grand date and we attempt to decorate the entire place so Christmassy that you will definitely feel the joy and warmth of Christmas!
Not only that, this will be the very first Flea Market held within the fantastically large air-conditioned space of St James Powerstation which will be held till the LATE HOURS OF THE NIGHT.

Talk about needing to grab your last minute Christmas Clothes and Accessories and not having enough time?

I managed to convince the SWAP & $HOP people to open the Flea till 10pm just for us girls to take our time to look through our items! We will start at 3pm for all the late night party Saturday goers, and end it off nicely at 10pm!

That’s considerate aint it? ;)

This time around, we will have new venues opened at

And for those lucky car driving owners, we are having spaces up for CARBOOT SALES TOO!

We will also be having a photography, art and tattoo exhibition happening in one of the very special rooms as well! Just for all attendees of the event to be interested in!

Besides that, we will be having nonstop entertainment from multiple talented bands and celebrity DJs from the Scene!

From Indie underground, Classic Rock, Pop and even Top 40s, and even R&B to rock the grounds at SWAP & $HOP this 20th December 2009!

Furthermore, after the Flea Market, we are closing with an AFTER PARTY at St James Powerhouse

We have alcohol sponsors, a band showcase, guest celebrities, and almost everything to make this Christmas Season a little special for us all!
I’m even thinking of proposing to have Santa Clauses around to give out little presents to all!

And most importantly, Flea Market Owners who registered for a stall will be entitled to free passes to this party!

Last but not least, something which I am most excited about…

I would like to invite all of you to join me at my very first and virgin attempt of...

An Exclusive Exhibit and Fashion Parade Party
Showcasing more than 30 of my most exclusively designed pieces in 3 different themes to commemorate the coming of age of Myself and Ohsofickle.

There will be 24 female models who have been employed to run this show alongside with
A team of very talented show Choreographers, Dressers and Stylists!

This highly anticipated show will begin promptly when the clock strikes 2130 at St James Powerhouse!

So mark it down!
(will show you guys some of the photos at rehearsals next week :) )

Therefore, if you are interested in participating in 2009’s largest, most highly anticipated, most exhilarating and energetic Flea Market and Party

To bring this year to a nice and beautiful end, as well as to celebrate Christmas together

Stalls are going for
SGD50.00 (for early birds who register before 11th December 2009)
SGD65.00 (after 11th December 2009)

For Limited Car Boot Spaces
SGD35.00 (for early birds who register before 11th December 2009)
SGD50.00 (after 11th December 2009)

Stalls will be up for balloting too! So if you are chosen, we will also grant you passes to enter the party and show the show!

SIGN UP NOW!!! Please email your interest to and indicate that you are interested and you heard it from Tammy/Ohsofickle!

You wouldn't wanna miss this big flea market/party!


NEED A COMPANY TO LOAN SHOES FOR MY MODELS FOR THE FASHION SHOW!!! Mostly heels & boots! It'll be great cus you'll be mentioned and get publicity etc.....So yeah if you're keen you may wish to email :) Please attach a few pictures of your products or a link to your online store if you have one!



It'll be so hard to reach me so i'll be with C all the time and if you wanna get me, please contact C ok? Please pray my phone will be fine soon. It's sooooooo sad living without it!

Btw i've colored the roses on my back yesterday! 4 hours of INTOLERABLE pain. Sigh. Something is wrong with my tolerance for pain. Seriously. I don't know why i'm like so weak? Hmmm.... maybe because grief is affecting me both emotionally & physically?

It's like no one can evoke any joy or happiness into my life but you. I'm truly pathetic. OH WELL~~~ But at least i'm going out now and trying to find my happiness! :) It's not always good to stay in your comfort zone.

But of course....i do miss those times staying at home. I really loved staying home soooooo much! The lifestyle of going out so often, till late, is just....tiring? Still, it's unhealthy coping myself at home all the i should be glad i've finally managed to get used to walking on the streets, seeing people, being in crowds, socializing....

It's good that i'm socializing. It doesn't feel THAT weird talking to people i first meet. Of course, i'm still wary, and reserved, but at least i've learnt to RESPOND and answer! Instead of smiling and walking away like i'm mute. The thought of what i was like is pretty funny but well back then, i felt that my life was already perfect with just a handful of people and i don't need anymore. I really wish i could turn back time? I made a stupid mistake.

Lately, i've been hooked on youtube searching for songs i used to listen to when i was like 12. Think Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Ryan Cabrera, Savage Garden, Britney Spears.....yeah artists along that line! Hahaha. I love how the lyrics of those old songs make such a big impact, compared to the songs nowadays.

"Many people who have lost someone suddenly, find the world becomes a surreal place. It's almost as if we are floating without seeing or comprehending. Everything becomes a blur as the concept of time disappears. Others feel that what has happened is only a bad dream from which they will wake up to find everything back to normal."

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