Wednesday, November 25, 2009


More pictures from our afternoon...

Guess who's back?

Back again???

Shaker fries!!! YAY!

Slippers i got the night before with Donna! We had to spend like $150++ just to get the slippers. Stupid girls hahaha. Was a super fun and random night out with Donna roaming around orchard and letting our imagination go wild hehe.

No we're not together but yes i guess i can say we're dating?? However, i'm still not ready to like settle down and commit. I'm still in quite a dilemma you see. Getting over D is obviously not accomplished so how am i supposed to move forward if i still want to cling to D. Kinda sucks cus i cannot imagine another girl having him. Selfish. But true.

OH WELL....time will tell? Hopefully C doesn't disappoint then forgetting D would be a breeze! For now...i shan't settle for less. Should wait and see if D's worth waiting for or letting go. Honestly speaking, i don't feel very comfortable posting pictures of myself with someone else here but then if i don't, my blog would be dead for a really long time so yeah...There's so much about my life i wish i can tell the world so they'd understand but then again, i don't live for anyone but myself. So there's no need for too much explanations. Till the time is right? future i can write a book or make a movie of my super dramatic life. HAHAHA.

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