Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Hi ya'll!

Sorry for the lack of updates......but this week's the start of most of my friends' school break! So glad all of 'em are done with the stressful exams and assessments!!

Whereas for me....it's still the same ol' lifestyle. Quite sad i don't really have a "holiday". & am never ever gonna enjoy that....kinda sucks not schooling huh?


So did i mention about some infection i got on a pimple? K it's not a pimple-pimple in the first place. Have no idea what to call that. Well anyway, i had to live with a huge giant black head band for like a week thanks to my itchy fingers.

Yes this is the giant head band i'm talking about.....Makes my head look so round and.....funny haha.

Now, it's more or less healed~ YAY NO MORE HEADBAND. Makes me look funny & really weird. It's like my friends would ask me why i'm wearing it & i'll have to act like i really like it that's why i'm not taking it off (but usually, when someone says something doesnt look good, i'd have the urge to heed their advice?). IT'S BLOODY HARD CUS IT DOES MAKE ME LOOK FUNNY but for the sake of that infected spot, the number of oh my gods i'm gonna get and explanations i'd have to do...i'd just bear with the funny looking me.

I've to get busy with lotsa advertorials!!!! Goodness...the amount of work piling up is sooooooo scary. :( Also, there's gonna be a pretty awesome collection coming up tonight (Tue, 17 Nov) at 7pm!!! I'm gonna spend my whole afternoon editing the pictures! Thank God for DX for helping me model for the photoshoot yesterday! I hate to trouble her but my schedule was packed and also, i don't think i'd look good with the headband on my head for every single shot. SO YEAH. I love DX :)

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