Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My entire week (well almost!) spent at C's went like this:

Wake up > Go to the pool side to have lunch & use my laptop > Back in for a nap > Wake up for dinner > Back out to the pool side to use my laptop (annoying because the reception is freaking bad indoors) > Back to the house for card games/dvds > Sleep

We're so so so gonna be fat cus i'm always so lazy to go out for a walk/jog. :( I JUST WANNA SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP! Kinda boring BUT I SHAN'T COMPLAIN CUS I KNOW NEXT WEEK IS GONNA BE BUSY BUSY BUSY. No wait. Actually from Thur onwards. So i shall just....enjoy this boring mundane lifestyle till Thursday. Hehe.

Anw this was before Zouk on Sat,

Us planning for the fashion show! Super super excited! We came up with tons of pretty awesome ideas. HOPEFULLY EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT THE WAY WE WANT IT TO. :)

Ok so i'm here at the pool side blogging and dreading to go anywhere away from this shady area cus the sun looks like it's gonna get me fried and that will mean the color of my tatts will fade :( I WNA GET A NICE TAN THOUGH!!!! Should just go cover the tattoos with scotch tape....heh.

AND DID I MENTION THAT I SWITCHED BACK TO THE IPHONE? BUT I really miss the Blackberry cus of BBM!!!!!!

I'm going to get it fixed at some house at Eunos later/tomorrow. HOPEFULLY THAT GUY WILL BE A HERO AND SAVE MY BB!!! Pray hard, pray so damn fucking hard. :(

But then again, the iPhone has Whatsapp. Which is like BBM? SADLY, MOST OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS ARE USING BBs......so no use also. :( Well ok look on the bright side, at least the battery life is longer so no more MIA-ing during late nights out & surfing the internet is so much easier cus i can just tap tap tap. OOOOH AND THERE'S TAP TAP TOO AND MY MANY APPS TO KILL TIME ON SUPER BORED OR AWKWARD MOMENTS. SO YAY COME ON IT'S NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!

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