Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got woken up by a phone call...

Or i'd be asleep right now!

So this was the conversation,

Indian Guy: (in tamil accent) Hello are you tamil?
Me: Uh no...wrong number(you think you tamil whole world tamil ah).
(hangs up)

-Phone rings again. Same number flashes on the screen.-

Indian Guy: (in the same tamil accent) Hello you are tamil from orhsofigle (ohsofickle haha)? I am blahblah from blahblah...
Me: OH! Ok blah blah

Haha thought it was something funny ok. So yeah...

Am going to have brunch now.

Signing off, Tamil xo!


Here's Figo looking smart in his CNY suit!

Killer heels which i'd never wear out in a million years. BUT IT'S REALLY HOT - LUV IT!

Hahaha we gangsterz siol....

Hair is extremely need of a hair cut!!

*don't have photoshop on my laptop so pictures are all ... ugly. :(

Break up?

What was i thinking???

I mean like SERIOUSLY?

Letting go of the one whom i feel most comfortable with. That'll be so stupid of me. Shouldn't have acted so rashly.

Can't even go a day being "Single". DAMN. Just too weird...and like i really cannot bear to part. :(

Guess no relationship's perfect. Can't expect mine to be perfect if i'm not perfect!

As you can see, break up, make up, break up, make i mentioned,

So yes, he brought me on an all expenses paid date today (almost ok...still not used to letting someone pay for my stuff so i still threw money at him hah). Except we still quarreled. That was sad. Cus we haven't managed to spend a day together without quarreling. Since...a month ago. You don't know how freaking irritating it is to be quarreling with him everytime we're out. SIGH. Hope it'll stop....IT BETTER.

ANYWAY...think i just got my shopping mood back. SIGH. You don't know how bad it is. It is so scary because i have so many clothes now that my tiny room is flooded with clothes (and lingerie)!

But it's all ok because in about 2 mths time i'll be shifting to a bigger place with a bigger room!!

For the time being, pray hard i'll stop it and learn the importance of saving money because i predict business wouldn't be good for the next few months...or this year...stupid recession oh whatever it is!!!

Oh yes, i am flying off to another country with my mom! A break from all the work!! Woohoo!! At last??? :)

Cannot reveal where because i'll be going on a buying trip there too!

Will be back next week. Yipee!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Depressing CNY

Things are a tad better now. After all the crying...

However, still not sure if being in a relationship will be good for us or not.

It'll be so weird not being together...

I don't know man. Urgh.

Plus i said some things to him which i think he will remember for the rest of his life. It'll be like a permanent scar cus i don't think he will ever forget it.

Oh well...we'll see how things go...


I want to go on dates and fall in love all over again.


I hope i know what i'm doing and i'll stick to what i said.

Being single ain't that hard? After all it'll mean more freedom, no?

Maybe i should concentrate on my business now. Love can wait! Plus we can still be friends and all...since it's hard for him to change for the better for me.

I mean, if he'd rather go on proper outings with his friends and not me, that means something right? Cannot remember when the last time we went out on a movie date... We only meet at haji and he sends me home the end fullstop no sweet lovey dovey dates and all. :( Don't like it when he feels so comfortable with me that he thinks he doesn't have to treat me that well anymore.

But still, a part of me refuses to let go of this guy. Though i know i should. I shouldn't let love bring me down. I shouldn't tolerate all the shit if i don't like to.

All i'm asking is to be treated more like a girlfriend...

Normal couples should still go on dates right! :( How come my relationship's like that!!

Do you think it's too much to ask for? :(

Omg why am i even blogging about this. It's so stupid...i actually remember having a similar post a few months back. It's a freakin' cycle. Sick of it. Urgh.

So anyhowz that's my sad, depressing CNY for you. Yup. SAD HUH.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I guess everyone is totally hyped up for tomorrow's ang pao collection huh. WELL I AM NOT. Wish i could use tomorrow to stay home to sleep!!! I dont have a single cousin i can talk to anymore. Unlike most of you. Not that i don't want to but i think we're all damn different.

So i'd rather sit at one corner and eat ba kwa or watch shitty cheenah programs (because i dont dare switch channels like one big f*).


Urgh but for my mom...

Anyway i did a new tatt this morning and it is like the only tattoo on my body that i think is PERFECT. Haha. It's a potrait! Of...ok lets play "guess what's my tatt" AGAIN! Think, fashion icon. NOT marilyn monroe.

Okie other then the new tattoo have nothing interesting to blog about.

OH and i am glad after MONTHS i get to meet my 3 favourite girls for dinner yesterday. Have no idea when was the last time i had a good meal with them man.




The Ohsofickle boutique (34 Haji Lane, level 2) will be opened from 1pm-4pm for you to do your last minute shopping!

Oh and the new boutique is confirmed (at least for now...i hope there'll be no changes!)!! Will reveal location at a later date. Prolly around March! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Midnight Shopping @ Haji

*20% storewide is only for SUP, NOT OHSOFICKLE.

&& Ohsofickle the boutique will be participating too! I'll be putting up a sale basket too. All clearing at $15! So come get your CNY clothing before it's too late!

By the way, do take note that the boutique will be closed from 25th-27th Jan! Business will resume on 28th Jan (Wed).

Best thing bout today...i went shopping with my mom after like A YEAR, AND I GOT A NEW BAG. HAPPY KID. :)

Now aiming for those sunglasses....but i don't think i need 'em...gonna cost me $5xx :( BUT ITS SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!

Oh well...

I think i should save up for the opening of Ohsofickle @ _______!!

I know it's fast...i'm already planning to open another shop! However it's quite scary because of the whole recession thingy. Not sure if it's going to affect my business and yada yada blah. :/ Ok actually i don't know what's going on! Sucha bimbo i know. Oh but it's not confirmed yet. Most prolly though cus i really like that location of the shop...but...


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture Post


Ok coming soon. I PROMISE! :)

Because Don and I will be out tonight taking photos for some stuff and that means we'll be bringing our DSLRs out to play = pictures to post! HOPEFULLY. Since my blog is sooooooo lacking of pictures.

Too busy to be taking tons of pictures of my friends and i. :( Or more like i can't be bothered because when i'm free i'd rather sit down and rest...yknow just laze around!


For the past few weeks, i've been car-watching....thinking of what would be my future car and how convenient it'll be to have a car of my own...


Annoying thing is i still have another 10 more months before i turn 18!! WHICH IS VERY LONG.


My mum came up with an idea. She said i can get a car and get my boyfriend to do the driving. HAHA LIKE CHAUFFEUR LIKE THAT! Sadly, Daryl has to be serious with his studies this year so cannot! :( 

I want a beetle,

Hahaha yes after all these years (if you've been following my blog for years)....i'm still in love with the same old car.

or any small old vintage car.

I like this even though it's not small,

Can you even drive something like that in Singapore??

Haven't seen any vintage cars on the roads of Singapore before...are they not allowed? I dont believe no one likes vintage cars? Or are they too slow to be on the roads...later accident...yada yada..ok i assume that's the case. SO THEN I DONT HAVE TO REMOVE "VINTAGE CAR" OFF MY LIST OF "10 CAR I'LL BE DRIVING IN FUTURE...". Which i will not post. Not here. It's embarrassing. I do not know car models so my list will be a bunch of ridiculous explanations of the cars' appearance. Come on, i'm a girl, and not many girls are fans of cars right?

OK's not that good to be growing up too fast so I SHOULD TREASURE MY TEENAGE DAYS! Afterall, being grown up would be more stress and THAT SUCKS BECAUSE I CANNOT HANDLE STRESS. AT ALL. :(

Oh and many have asked me about my lashes, my thick long and black lash extensions...

Yeah i removed them. FROM JUST RUBBING MY EYES. You have no idea how vigorously i rub my eyes. I know it's bad but it's something i've been doing for the longest time! I mean how hard must it be to make all my lash extensions drop within such a short period of time!

I really love it though (the fake lashes). 


I want to get it done again but i hate hate hate the burning sensation right after doing it. URGH.

Good thing is now i can put eyeliner. Missed my eyeliner. Haha.

So since i've not used it for such a long time now i must put thick thick to...what's the word...for the time i've not been using it.

Ok i dont know what word i should insert into "what's the word" part!!! 

Because i am sitting at a spot where there is strong sunlight,

and i am bored of waiting for my hair to dry with what mother earth gave me, the sun,

i must cam-whore a bit,

Act chio ah.

Hahaha. Okie time to go get brown envelopes!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



What a cute name! :)

Some cool stuff found on lovechewkitty,

at Kittystar, we try as much as we can to sell clothes that are not so mainstream, usually we're for the louder and more expressive people. we'll be updating with more clothes from a range of styles to suit different customers' tastes and also for different moods on different days cause we believe dressing is a way of expressing how we feel.

we'll also be launching a new line of customised accessories for guys and girls soon and we'll also be selling coontail extensions :)

we emphasize greatly on trust between us and customers, that's why we're offering $2 for reg post to prevent any lost mails.

we're really new in this but we really put alot of effort and sincerity into what we do, like from the layout to all the pictures and mailing of invoices and such. also for prices we try to keep it as low as possible by looking for cheaper alternatives, but not forsaking the quality of the goods.

Head down to now!

Order and pay fast so u can receive your items by CNY!


Dreamy dreamy eyes ah haha.

I am soooo tempted to delete the photos in the post below because I LOOK DAMN HIDEOUS I KNOW!!!!

But for the advertorial...sigh :(

7pm later! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Want more defined and teary eyes?

Then head down to

for cheap and affordable contact lenses!

See the before and after!

The model i'm wearing is CTS104. I like it because it looks very natural!

I know i look super ugly when close up! Haha oh well!! For this advertorial i sacrifice ok! Take close up pictures without make up. Also cannot stand my face shape. LIKE SOME FAT PORK PAU.

And also, good news!

Get 3 pairs and 1 free!

Type prioritymail at the promocode.

Also, holga sprees can be found at!

Yay to pretty pictures!


Damn sexy ah hahaha.

Am so tired....wanna go to bintan or bali to relax and play!!!

Maybe after CNY! So excitingg!

I think i have like "no life" right now because i hardly have time for anything other than work! Sigh.

I also need to exercise! I am like a big cow now. I know it's the cow year but that doesnt mean i must look like a cow! :(:( maybe in 3 mths time i'll be moving to a place with a pool and a gym so hope i'll be using the facilities more then!

Also wanna find some time to study for my basic theory (driving)! HEHE. Sad thing is my birthday is only in Oct...that is so long!



Looking forward to the ang paos! And ba kwa!! And all the new year goodies!!

Except not looking forward to the gaining of weight part. NOT. ONE. FREAKING. BIT. :(

Friday, January 16, 2009


I am so tired so so so tired but no i cannot sleep i've to head down to the store and hang up a couple of clothes.

Have to lug the huge bag to the shop ALONE. Wondering how i'm going to drag the 25kg bag up the stairs. Thank goodness it's only 25kg and i decided to ship the rest back. Sometimes i think i'm Superwoman. Always wanting to do beyond what i can manage and end up creating more trouble for myself.

Ok so anyway! The other day i was changing money and the girl (who's a foreigner) said something like "Ah you are same same face like me looking". I totally didnt get what she was trying to say so i smiled, nodded and walked away. Then i thought about it for awhile and  I LAUGHED TO MYSELF LOUDLY WHEN I GOT WHAT SHE MEANT...WHILE WALKING ALONE. Then some aiport person looked at me...weirdly. Oh boy...i must've looked soooo retarded. Haha. 

So she actually meant i look like i'm also from _____ (not revealing where i got my stocks this time!)! No wonder she was speaking to me in _____ when i came to the counter to change money.

My mom just went "No egg for you! You spray on the kitchen cabinet! No egg!!" to my dog. Hahaha it's so funny.

This post makes me sound so retarded. Shouldn't have blogged man. But deleting it would just mean i just wasted 20 min of my life. Well...think even if i didn't delete it, the time has already been wasted on this senseless post. Ok nvm at least i blogged. Makes my blog less dead. Also its annoying to read advertorials and more advertorials....i understand. I also read a lot of blogs and get so annoyed with advertorials but it's free dont want meh?

I Love Ghost


It's a new year and a brand new year means brand new things!

Have you always wanted a nice and unique phone?

A phone you hardly see on the streets of singapore?

Then head down to!

Such a cute name for a blogshop!

Okay anyway!

At iloveghost, you can find all kinds of phones imported from Japan!

Look at these...

and this has got to be my favourite! Bling bling

All phones are FULLY UNLOCKED which means all phones are usable in Singapore!! (SMS, CALLS, Camera, Music, etc)

Most phones are instocks! However, if the one of your choice is no longer available, they will order it for you from Japan and the waiting time is only about 1-2 weeks!

Plus the prices are so reasonable too! (i shan't reveal should go to the site to check it out yourself!)

So what are you waiting for?

Head down to...

Oh and they just changed the look of their page. Cute! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Ok i simply SUCK at writing. Especially for advertorials.

So i will keep it short and sweet.

By the way, if you haven't gotten your new year stuff and you're too busy to head down to my boutique (or anywhere else) then ONLINE SHOPS ARE AROUND TO SAVE YOU!

Will be advertising for a few shops so you wont have to go waste your time on online shop hunting!

Sponsored by Dadigirl...

visit Dadigirl today!

**My second time doing an advertorial for them btw :)


Ok ignore my huge ass nose. Looks biggest in the morning when i just wake up. I actually feel that the 5 min of pinching my nose every morning before i head out works! See how big it is when i DONT pinch it! Haizzzzzz sianzzzzzzzzzz a few more months to reaching $10k before i can do something about it...haha.

Lets play a game of "Guess My Tatt"!!


Ok i never liked taking any full and clear shots of my tattoos so :P!

I like this one but i'm kinda beginning to feel uncomfy with it on my forearm....ok pray hard i'll get used to it and it will blend in with the theme i want on my whole arm.

I dont really care about what you're gonna say about me & my tattoos (like my face dont match my body etc etc) because i know what i want and will not let your remarks stop me from doing what i want/like. :)

Anyway i've this freaking HUUUUGE craving for MCDONALDS BREAKFAST naooowwwwwww.


And i'm going to be flying off to a farway place for a buying trip in awhile!

It's quite fun because i get to go on buying trips all over asia every 1-2 weeks! Hehe! HOWEVER IT IS TIRING. Look at my face. Just look at my face. It always has that "i'm tired" look. Talk to me, and i'll always go "i'm tired". Yeaaaaaah. So i guess that's quite sad huh. Imagine me doing this for the rest of my life...i'll just age soo much faster! :(

Anyway, come to the boutique at 34 haji lane on Fri to see all the new stuff since most of the things in Collection 65 are sold out already :(


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grand Opening

....The Ohsofickle Boutique @ 34 Haji Lane (Level 2, Above SUP)!


I swear i cannot believe how many people turned up! It was non-stop hits from 1pm-7pm! The shop is pretty empty now...LOL! BUT I AM SO HAPPY AND REALLY THANKFUL!

Thanks for coming down to show your support & getting a thing or 2...really appreciate that! Sorry if i refused to take pictures with some of you :( really sorry! I look really tired and bad today because i had very little sleep the night before so yeah :( but i promise you can hang out at my shop on quiet weekdays and we can cam-whore next time! Hehe.

OH AND MY SEXY 4.5" KILLER HEELS ARE HERE. Swear they look absolutely stunning.

Sadly i will never survive over an hour in those heels so...yeah :( BUT THEY MAKE MY LEGS LOOK LONG AND FOR ONCE, THIN. Ok not your thin-thin but...yeah not so chunky!

Love it love it will take pictures in it soon. When i find a rocking outfit to go with it.

Once again, thank you all for coming and all the little notes you wrote on the guest book. It was such a joy reading it all! :)

I will replenish the stocks next Fri so it's best if you come then! Cus i swear the shop's really bare now. Looks like a closing down shop kinda shop. Haha.