Saturday, February 28, 2009


My gigantic teeth looks crooked!!

Queen of Ugly Thank You

1 out of 4 meals that day.



T & F

C & F

T & M

So we thought last night would be one of our crazy nights out. Too bad zouk/phuture was full. :/ Oh damn....

In approx. 8 hours, i'll be miles and miles away from this place i call home. :(

Till 3 Mar.

So try not to email me till then...

Ok, time to wake the dog aka daryl up.


Friday, February 27, 2009


Since everyone thinks getting the boot's a nay....i shall pass!

Oh and btw, yes those are really the boots cosplayers wear haha. It's Demonia...haha.

So i guess i'll continue with my shoe hunt! I only want wedges or platforms cus it doesnt hurt as much as heels! COMFORT FIRST or else unlucky person who happens to be out with me on that day will probably turn into a murderer AND KILL ME. I will whine. A lot. So yes...COMFORT FIRST!


I luv my shoes. They're vintage hush puppies. Don't bother asking me where i got them!! CUS THEY'RE VINTAGE AND U WILL NEVER GET THE EXACT PAIR (INSERTS EVIL LAUGHTER). OOOOOPS :X Ok la...i still cannot reveal where cus i'm selling the vintage shoes (not the exact pair but others) so be understanding. Please TYVM XX. :)

Did my nails! It's a nice shade of bright purple. ME LIKEY LIKEY!

(please just ignore my tiny nails....i have such short a kid's. ew)

I am already looking for my next manicure session! Black and white nails for me with a bow or a rose....or....or...ok...there were so many pretty nails i saw in the korean magazine!!! I also like the one where they mixed the peacock colours and all... AHHH I swear i've never been more in love with nails. Think i'm turning into one of those girls who go for manicures every single week man.


Ignore my eyes. Looks weird with no eyeliner. Do get used to it. I've stopped being reliant on it (use it only for photoshoots and events). Which is good. In a way. Save $$! Also i will no longer have a hard time removing it at the end of the day. Woohoo! I actually love the "no make up" look. Lol.

Oh and yes i got this skirt! Would be such a waste if i didnt! I loved the grey one as well cannot shop!! Bought a pair of leggings already that's why. :(AY BAN ME FROM TOPSHOP ALREADY. Draining my bank account. Ok it's not really all that expensive and all but when you shop EVERYDAY at is crazy!!


Then we had a talk.

Am pretty excited bout the whole thing....yipee!!

So yup. Pretty much sums up my day.

Tomorrow will be exciting... Have to wake up and head to ikea for some shopping. And Swedish food. Mmmmm meatballs...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Demonia Platforms

So cute and uhm...Rumi-ish!

Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am so bored i keep deleting my looks off lookbook. NOW I REGRET.

Am so bloody weird.

Went out to get dinner and forgot about batteries again. This is the what? 5th time? Omg. Need some supplement pills to improve my memory of a goldfish.

Ok la not so bad....anyway gold fishes are damn cute i swear...they only have a memory span of 3 seconds so every lap that they swim in their bowl's like seeing the world for the first time.


It's been 4 days and i still haven't got batteries for my (compact) camera despite the fact that i wake up every morning reminding myself to get it.

LATER I MUST GET IT. Since i lent M my fatty cam. Ha.

So like i'm soooo bored....& tired. Am waiting for my hair to dry. That explains this post. After my hair's dried i must lug a huge ass trolley full of packages to the post office then back home to refill the trolley with more packages and to the P.O again. Oh and then home again because i cannot possibly bring the trolley with me to do my manicure. HATE IT. HATE DOING THINGS TWICE. That's why i think i need a car man. Hahaha. K whatever...anyway i cannot wait to do my nails. Exciting. I am so retarded to be excited over it but when was the last time i did my nails?! I can finally have NEATLY painted nails. FREDA CAN STOP LAUGHING AT MY ANY OH HOW NAILS ALREADY HAHAHA.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Meet figo and domo

The red vintage ysl, my soon-to-be purple nails (which i was supposed to do today but didn't have the mood to sit still for an hour), the purple and red printed fcuk dress, the f21 neon printed tank, my tri color pumps (which i absolutely LOVE) doubt my love for colour's back! Specifically, red & purple. "Ah lian much". Hahahaha.

Speaking of which, CAN YOU BELIEVE I PAID LESS THAN $10 FOR THE FCUK DRESS?! I know man...pretty unbelievable. It's retail price on the tag's$119....and guess how much it was slashed down to?


What a steal.

Goes damn well with my pretty pumps!!


Ok why am i even blogging. I've like tons of mails to reply and tons of packages to start packing....urgh...mails. H8 it. Giving my packer a rest now and i'm taking over till mid march. Hopefully i can manage. Hope i don't die of exhaustion haha.

p.s FCUK Sale's @ Isetan Parkway.

Seven Paper Boats & Dancing Windows


1. Dancing Windows

Neon Bones Tank by Dancingwindows

Leopard Tee by Dancingwindows

Sponsored by Dancingwindows! They're really sweet girls. I'm not saying it for the sake of saying it but I REALLY THINK THEY'RE SUPER NICE. They made the effort to come all the way to my doorstep (cause i was busy) to pass me the clothes. So so nice right!

Thank you girls!


2. Seven Paper Boats

Woohoo now quit asking me how i ripped my jeans when you can get 'em at sevenpaperboats!

What are you waiting for?

Visit sevenpaperboats today!

Do click my ads & sponsors at the sidebar! Please visit them and show some support yo! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

& we have a winner!

I swear i nearly died choosing a winner.

It was like...when i saw the first e-mail, i was like whoa i'm so choosing this...then came the 2nd and i changed my mind...then again...and again...and again.



So i decided Juanne ( will be 1st! (she is also the designer of my top banner!)

She is currently working on a nice background for the online store and a nicer top banner for my blog! CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Then in 2nd, we have...Linette (

Really like her work...and had a tough time deciding if i should choose hers or Juanne's!

3rd, Gnes Kok (

The tags are pretty neat huh! Except i didnt like the fonts and the rounded edge :( so it was a waste lah!

To all the others who've sent me their designs, A VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORT!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sixty-Nine Photoshoot


Back after a long day of taking pictures for tomorrow's launch ( @ 7pm)!

Really tired...


I really like today's pictures!

(fav of the lot!!)

(view more here)

Credits: My personal photographer...none other than Daryl haha


Sorry for being fierce but yes...I AM SERIOUS. Must be fair ok?

I shall go take a nap now. SOOOOOO FRIGGING DRAINED.


What do u think of the new banner?

Btw, i'm still choosing the best images for the online yup! Will announce the winner today or tomorrow!

The top banner is designed by Juanne, you can contact her at (hahaha i luv fruits too)!


I decided to treat Daryl better because he ate a peppermint leaf!

And we all know how horrible peppermint leaves taste like don't we? Haha and i made him chew it and all...ewww i know but he did it and i was all like :o omg! Power.


3:44am and i am still wide awake. Wow. I slept for a few hours in the plane and was all cranky when i had to wake up...wanted to go home to sleep so badly but now that i'm home, i cannot seem to sleep! Urgh. So frustrating.

If i don't sleep today, i think i'll die tomorrow because ive a looooong day tomorrow doing the shoot for the online store and for some vintage stuff (sneak preview of what will be available at the new shop - at f.e.p)! Then i'll be busy editing the pictures the entire day because i'll be launching Collection 69 on Monday @ 7PM! Oh for those who're interested in the ring seen in my prev. post, do visit the Haji Lane store on Mon because i'll be displaying a couple of pretty rings (and earrings too). Then on Tue there'll be new stocks in the shop! Woohoo!! :)

Exciting week ahead for me but...

Think i can already see myself looking more and more like a panda already.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Naughty Dog

Figo has to sit on top of the washing machine for 1 hour as a punishment because he has been a bad dog! Bad Doggy!


Oooook and i've decided not to switch to the "shopping cart" thing for my online store. So now i just need someone to design a nice banner & some icons for me! :)

Am on a budget so am paying $120 to the person with the best work!

It's just $120 so i'm just looking for students who don't mind doing it to pass time (you professional ones dont come flaming me telling me it's too low)!

What i want/need?

-1 big picture for the top picture (at least 800px wide)
I want the picture to have this feel,

The vector with the sketchy outline....i hope you know what i mean! haha.

You can do it of models walking on runway, a clothes rack, people shopping...i don't know man...just anything nice and it has to be the sketchy vector!

- I also need 8 square images (approx 200x200px - or smaller)
(no border! use white bg)
1st Icon: Sketchy vector of a hanger (it's to represent BOUTIQUE)
2nd Icon: Sketchy vector of this OR this (it's to represent the category TOPS)
3rd Icon: Sketchy vector of this (it's to represent the category BOTTOMS)
4th Icon: Sketchy vector of this (it's to represent the category OUTERWEAR)
5th Icon: Sketchy vector of this OR this (it's to represent the category DRESSES)
6th Icon: Sketchy vector of this & this & this & this OR this in one square (it's to represent the category ACCESSORIES)
7th Icon: Sketchy vector of of a TV or radio (it's to represent LATEST COLLECTION)
8th Icon: Sketchy vector of a house (it's to represent HOME)

MAKE IT COLORFUL! Pastel/neon!! :)

Up for it?

Feel free to send in your drafts to! I'll be flying off today and will be back on Sunday! Will be home to check my inbox on Sunday and select the winner on Monday!

Do not be disappointed if i don't choose yours okay! :( If i feel that you've potential (sorry major typo!! was rushing this post out..), i'll contact you in future if i need a designer for my banners, posters, namecards....etc! Also, i will definitely put up all the nice designs on my blog to let everyone see (i will include your email at the bottom of your design so people can contact you if they like what they see) - FREE PUBLICITY! Yay!



1. Macaroni Online

A big hello from all of the team at Marcaroni !!!

So... you must be thinking. What is this store all about?
Well, after much deliberation, we have finally ventured into the mystical and magical world of online selling. Yes, after being vivid online shoppers for a good few years, now we too feel like we have something to contribute .

At Marcaroni , we are dedicated to bring you the latest trendy items. From Clothes to accessories , all items will be specially picked by us just for you and we really hope that you will like them.
AS our opening special , we will be giving out a 10% discount code when you sign up for our mailing list.
Be the first to get all the latest updates from Marcaroni delivered direct to your inbox!
So do sign up today yea? (This code will be valid for 6 months)

Here , we present to you our very first collection :)

Casual and unique stuff at Macaroni!


2. One Two Chic


onetwoCHIC is the blogshop to visit! (: with funky dresses & skirts, you’re sure to stand out among the crowd!

Handpicked apparels are of GREAT quality like ...

Available at Onetwochic!!

Some of her items are ONE OFFS! So they’re really unique and you most definitely won’t catch anyone else wearing the same piece as you!

Also, do you need some cool & chunkyfunky jewellery to glam up your outfit? (:

onetwoCHIC also sells HANDMADE jewellery (usually 1 or 2 per design only!). Specially to glam up plain outfits! (:

Check out her brooches as well!

She’s having a mini clearance sale too! GRAB AND GO!

*p.s to Dancingwindows: i'll do your advertorial next Monday!
**p.s not accepting anymore advertorials till Feb is over! (side bar is looks ugly with all the banners)