Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fly back

Look my face is fat again (OH YAY! Serve me right for eating 5 super big meals a day good job Tammy!!) AND TO THOSE SILLY PEOPLE WHO THINK I ALREADY DID MY NOSE....LOOK LOOK! It is still as bulbous as EVERRRRR. :( Haha....and btw i don't photoshop my face in pictures it's all the right angles!! You must know your best angle when taking picx what!

Anyhow! I am super happy because even though i travel sooooo much, ever since 1 quarrel, D never fails to surprise me at the airport. Today he decided to sound sad and sorry when i called him the moment the touched down. I was totally cool because he has school tomorrow and i touched down at like hmm 1.30am so i wasn't expecting him to be there and neither did i want him to because school is schoool!

But when i was out and walking towards the taxi stand, there came D running towards me with a stalk of rose (this time purple-ish pink which he claims is a more unique color than the hot pink one....HAHA). That has to be the simplest most sweetest thing he has done in a long time. It may not be impressive to many but to me, i really feel that he's doing his very best to win my heart back.

I really am sooooooo touched and though i really want myself to love him wholeheartedly....a part of me still can't forget the incident that happened 2 months back. I can't say i love him....cause i don't trust him and we all know a relationship is crap without trust....so do i love him? But i know i do...deep down. However, theoretically i don't. Hah.....OKAY....Love IS complicating.

“When mistrust comes in, love goes out.”

Anyway! SUP will be renovating and Ohsofickle @ Haji Lane will be closed from 5th April (Sunday) to 7th April (Tue)!

Ohsofickle will be having a pre-renovation sale (10% storewide) from 1st April (Wed) till 4th April (this day will be inclusive of 2nd hand items!)!

Do drop by! We will be changing the shop's look (just a lil) so take a good look at the current shop! Hehe.

p.s My mum retrieved a couple of my old clothes from F.E.P but sadly i don't want most of em that she brought back (means the ones sold are the ones i want....HAIZZZZ SO SAD). ALSO, i still have another pile over at Haji to look through when i go to work... (OH! IM WORKING DURING THE PRE-RENOVATION SALE YIPPEE CANNOT WAIT TO START)! Those that i dont want shall stay for the pre-loved apparels sale on the 4th! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fuckd Up

Earth hour!!





The lights in my house are off now!! Here i am blogging in the dark!

I looked to see the buildings around me and am impressed because a lot of windows are like...black!! Or maybe 3/4 of the people are not home yet....


Actually i dont know why i'm doing this but it is quite cool la haha. I dont want to be the house that gets scolded by someone from the opposite block.... "wah why that unit lights so bright.....such an idiot...should be banished from earth!". Lol


I seriously am in such a bad mood now i could kill.

I really wish my mum would understand me more and stop thinking that everything i do is something everyone can do too.

She doesn't even appreciate it that i helped her ease her burden by supporting myself since 15. I mean how many 15 year olds out there stopped taking allowance from their parents and relied on a blog shop??

AND SHE DOESNT CARE. Said she did that too when she was younger. I mean....it's different! WHAT ERA WAS SHE IN?!

Now, she wants to take charge of everything in the Ohsofickle store. Said she can employ ANY of my friends to do the buying and the shop can do as well as when i was in charge. So that means as of today, i will not be giving a damn about the stores and i will only concentrate on my online business. 

I mean, doesn't she know that i build the name Ohsofickle with my bare hands from scratch? She has the mentality that anyone can do the same and that i am not that special. DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURTS? Cus i know i worked hard. SO HARD. My friends know i put my whole heart into this because i sacrificed a lot of time that i could spend with them to do this. 

Never seemed to be able to do anything to make her proud of me. 

I mean, if it wasn't for Ohsofickle, CAN SHE QUIT HER JOB??? I wanted her to feel happy that she's out of her stressful family business and help me out by doing easy things like going down the shops to check the sales....She isnt appreciative at all. Said it is all because of her that's why OSF is OSF. Like.....uhhhhhhh.....

Well the whole thing started because when i came back from my trip and unpacked the boxes in my room, I REALISED 1/2 (possibly more....because i really have a shitload of clothes! moreover i wear most only once....SIGH) OF MY CLOTHES ARE GONE. I am sooo not used to seeing my wardrobe so empty! So i was shocked and i questioned her NICELY but she insisted she didn't throw anything and everything should be in the boxes. So i asked if she sent anything to the shops and she said she sent some old stocks.....then i asked the sales girls and realised that SHE SENT MY CLOTHES THERE TO BE PUT ON SALE. WTF?! I love my dresses and all i cried soooo badly....i mean, if i wanted to sell it, i will!! I just disposed a lot of clothes recently and all that i left there are the ones which i still want! PLUS WHAT SALE...Most of my clothes are not like cheap-cheap brandless ones?? Imagine someone sells away a dress you bought for over $100 and worn only ONCE for $15?! HOW'D THAT FEEL!!!! 

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW PISSED OFF I WAS. Selling off your clothes without your consent!?!  So she finally admit that she was wrong after 1 hour of quarreling about EVERYTHING (that explains the first few paras in this post). 

Something stupid she said when i told her about the 15 year old part was that i was too spendthrift thats why she decided not to give me pocket money anymore....ok i understand that PERFECTLY. But when i start earning my own money, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEND IT without telling her what i spend it on. YES i may be the most spendthrift person but at least I spend what i earn....am not spending her money at all! Now she wants to sell away my clothes and take the money that i earned to buy it?!

AHHHHHH I SWEAR I NEARLY JUMPED DOWN THE BUILDING MAN. Such a depressed rash person i am but she is DRIVING ME NUTS. Sorry for this lengthy post....i really just had to LET IT OUT.

Tomorrow is the buying trip and i shall go alone and get stuff only for the online store since she wants to take charge of the boutiques. Since she thinks she can do it all on her own WITHOUT ME. Telling me that she can do better than me. She also doesnt wanna admit that she is old and her taste in clothes will be different from a teen's. URGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER???!!


p.s due to the recent problem with google/blogger, most sites under google cannot be viewed! if that happens, do go to ohsofickle.livejournal.com! i might move the next collection for ohsofickle there if the problem isn't resolved by 1 april! please take note babes!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing's better

B4 our flight....H8 FLIGHT DELAYS!

Omg i am so glad to be home!

Sooooo i went to _____ for a 4D3N sponsored trip!

I must say it was a very special experience! There were good and bad things which happened....i can't wait to blog about it!

However...i just moved into the new place and there's A LOT i have to do. I HATE UNPACKING. URGH.

Will prolly blog about it next week...cus i'll have to fly off for a buying trip on Sun. WHAT A BUSY WEEK!

Then the week when i'm back, I'LL BE WORKING AT HAJI MYSELF! Haha...no particular reason...i'm not sacking anyone...i just miss working!! So come come visit me! Though i'm pretty sure i'll be HOOKED to my laptop cus i'll be launching a mega collection on 1 April! I am pretty excited for work hehe.


p.s Omg.....you have NO idea how much i want to get paint...I REALLY wanna paint the walls by today so i can unpack and all. I WANT IT SO MUCH I CRIED CAUSE ALL THE PAINT SHOPS ARE CLOSED. Got the bestie to do a search for me and the nearest would be siglap....I MUST GET PAINT TMR!!!!! 

Monday, March 23, 2009


"Eh the rose nice? The color very special right!! Very nice! You like???"

Hahaha because Daryl has never seen a hot pink rose in his entire life before. 

Oh and this is the 3rd stalk of rose i received...since Sat. Wonder what's with that guy. Hahaha. I killed the 1st though :( Am not a very gentle person you see....

Speaking of hot pink...

Tomorrow i will be flying off to _______!! (The color is a clue....hehe.)

For the next 4 days i will eat, drink, sleep, shit and be merry with Freda! Finally get to get away and PLAY!

Sponsored advertorial thanks to Nuffnang and _____!! SUPER EXCITED!

Details (here)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We are only human

Finally smacked some eyeliner on!

Sigh it's bad bad bad to get high with so many friends....you wake up seeing 826149 unglam photos of you on FB the following day. DAMN.

Well at least i got to meet the my ex-classmates of 2 weeks on the dance floor! SUPER HAPPY!!!!:)


I know customer service is damn important and if you want your business to do well, good service is a must.

So...i've gotten COUNTLESS of emails telling me about the girls i employ and i THANK YOU for the feedbacks be it good or bad.

I employ my friends and i obviously don't know if the way they treat me would be the same as the way they treat my customers. So from the feedbacks i got, i would let my girls know about it and give them some time to work on their mistakes...if i still receive a lot more bad remarks on them, i'd take action. U KNOW U HAVE TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE? Don't just go, employ another girl...yada yada yada. They're my friends! You think it's so easy to fire them just like that?

Please TRY be more understanding....don't go like "i'll never ever step into your shop ever again". However, I'd TOTALLY understand if say u feedback to me once, and then the same thing happens again. 

You can comment here if you have anything to say to the girls be it good or bad, please mention Haji or FEP (and a description of how they look if you can still rmb so we know who you're referring to!). 

Ah whatever it is, whether work or play, despite how many bad comments you get from customers, you girls must know i still love you!!!!!! :) People make mistakes and no one is perfect ok? :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Build A Bear

Where best friends are made...

I am home with 2 new fury friends!


I love Build-A-Bear! I swear that place will make you feel like a kid all over again! 

At Build-A-Bear you get to choose the hardness of the bear, add a heartbeat, add a sound, choose their outfits (which you can change) and get a birth cert for them! The cutest part was making a wish while holding a tiny satin heart then kissing the heart before placing it inside the bear and then they'll sew your bear! Of course my favourite part was CHOOSING CLOTHES FOR THE BEAR. They have a really wide variety of clothes! Even more fun than choosing clothes for myself man. Hahaha.

Ok and again, today i decided to waste $$ on a bear than buying clothes. LOL. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME!

I feel SUPER happy today! Hehe. Shall take a break from replying the mails today...needa rest! TOMORROW NIGHT'S GONNA BE ANOTHER FUN NIGHT WHOOOPEEDOOOO.

Also...DAMN excited for next week. I'd be away to 2 countries in a week. :)

p.s I just watching confessions of a shopaholic and LOVED IT. Thank god i cant have a credit card yet....PRETTY DAMN SURE I'D BE IN DEBT WITH SPENDING HABITS LIKE MINE LOL. Am afraid to check my bank balance.....SIGH THIS IS BAD. SO BAD. Anyway....it's a good show and you should catch it when it's out! I watched it online but PLEASE dont ask me where/how/whatever..you know it's illegal dont you. Unless you already know the site then you must watch!! Haha

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'd rather spend $2xx on pretty (but useless) lingerie (so nice also no one see right) in a week than on a new dress or top or shoe...

Omfg what is wrong with me!

Hmm ok on a side note, last night was pretty fun! Waiting for pictures from M. Pictures Below! :)




D T 


Eat. Tapioca chips. Addictive.

How come i didn't know tapioca chips were nice man...

See even J's addicted.  Everyone was hooked.

Freaking drug. Fat drug.

Oh and i look evil like i wanna kill Don.....haha but i was slow had to take hmm 2 seconds to shift my visual attention. Yeah. 

People plus phone on table

Do the donna signature look down & smileeeee. Heee

Ice ice baby ^^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


we will have fun.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Surprise surprise...

A new hair do!! :)

Ok i know i look like some cheena shit but....I THINK I LOOK HAPPIER NO? HAHAHA.


(the rest: here)

Last night was...

Pretty Darn Awesome. I had a good time....well KINDA....

Thanks to Althea reserving the nest for us YAY. :)

Oh yeah and yesterday was also great because I FINALLY MET UP WITH THE BEST FRIEND!