Thursday, April 30, 2009


Omg....i joined a Gojane spree and i've to pay a top up of $70 ++ for 3 pairs of shoes. THAT IS THE TOP UP. I've already paid the value of the shoes and yada yada. Any spree organizers reading this? Tell me it can't be right!! I always liked Gojane for the shoes being cheap but if i were to pay an additional $70 for the shoes that makes each pair cost about $60?? Moreover it's Gojane....been shopping from there for all the cheap footwear for years and never paid this much....


I need to do my hair. The highlights are disgusting.

Should i go jet-black? Or light brown? Or BLONDE?!?! Hahaha.

Yes DX! You're right i realised my face has grown horizontally after staring at my old picx! Those who've seen me would've noticed how fat my cheeks are now. I THOUGHT THE FATS WERE GONE FOR GOOD BUT NOOOOO. Now it's back to square one. WHY WHY WHY! Wish i had a mega super high metabolism rate. I really think it's impossible for me to give up eating all the nonsense. :(

Anyway! The presentation at TP went pretty smoothly. To me that is. Taking into consideration that i didn't really have enough sleep cus last night i was having a happy crazy good time being a retard!! If you're wondering what the presentation is about...

Some stores from Haji Lane were selected to set up a space in TP to sell our products and the presentation was about our brands.

Oh & before Butter last night, Mars and I also went for the private screening of Star Trek (Nuffnang event). My 1st time attending such an event. A-W-K-W-A-R-D. I don't seem to be able to blend in with any group.

Star Trek was a weird movie. At least to me it was. Mars loved it though. She was so excited and into the whole thing whereas i was beside her, sleeping. I understood NOTHING. Sounds so much like a bimbo but i really NEVER liked such action(?) movies haha.

I think i need wash up and take a nap. So full from the lunch with V. So nice to be able to talk to someone about business hehe.

Time to restore my energy for another fun night out tonight (if i can even wake up?)!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


credits: x


& I saw myself in a tee and shorts at sitting at Bedok Jetty watching people fish.

Sometimes I am so weird, i scare myself. SRSLY.

But it was all good. I felt so refreshed. Haven't gone to the beach in a loooong time. 

Now it's 8am. I'm wide awake and I shall start working on my 2nd presentation which is tomorrow. Which i WILL NOT go for unprepared. 

The 1st yesterday was enough to KILL ME. I embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of students by blabbering all kinds of nonsense because i didn't even expect myself to be presenting to a class of students, i thought it was just to a small group of 10 or something. I swear i didn't know what i was saying....i think i said something along the lines of "education is not that important...." (bet the teacher wanted to throw eggs at me) and tons of "shit shit uh uh uh" in between. Through the mic. I SUCK OMG. Bet i was entertaining though. Fools are always so entertaining. 

However, that shall not happen tomorrow because I AM PREPARING A PPT SLIDE. YAY!

Monday, April 27, 2009


The biggest mistake last night was laying hands on....

at the supermarket.

Because i can't seem to stop at one. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009



Opened a pre-order for the bow head band seen below!

Click (here) to join!

Awesome how the shadows make my legs look so thin!!!! I can dream on for legs like that though...URGH.

Oh & AS YOU CAN SEE, my room is so messy when i'm without a boyfriend. LOL. I wonder when i'll learn to clean up my mess!

I know i can just go ON AND ON about how different my life is now. Don't blame me!! I mean, i've been leading the "attached" life for close to 3 years and now that i'm so free, IT'S JUST SO WEIRD. So sry man!!

Anyway think i'm going out! Thanks to the sandals i bought ytd! Luv it.

Did i mention my 4 new additions to my shoe cabinet? Put a bored Donna and Tammy together for 2 hours and this is what you get.....oh no...imagine if we actually spent a whole day shopping.

Should go out now and stop reading FML alr...


Omg effing great.

One big blister on my right foot caused me so much pain that now i'm in NO mood to go out.

Tonight's plans to go crazy DASHED LIKE THAT.

Am also in sucha horrid mood thanks to the Monster Mother. I wanna stay out of this house for a couple of days till she finally stops being sucha crazy person.

Gained even more weight. Eating a scary amount of food recently. I think it's all the stress and maybe my period's coming...I hate it. I hate being an emotional eater.

I pray hard everything will get better. WHY IS MY LIFE FULL OF UPS AND DOWNS. I mean it's like OVERLY FULL. Ok what am i saying.....urgh h8 it okay.

A preview of a couple to stuff to look out for tomorrow,

5pm @


p.s i know the pictures SUCK. i was kinda bare-faced (only lash extensions, lip balm, foundation?) lesson learnt from this! Man, i really look damn weird though i felt i look fine when i looked at my reflection b4 the shoot! i hope the weird faceless pictures wont affect the!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SYB (haha)

I am quite a happy person now. Think i'm getting used to this life of being....single.

Yesterday i got a surprise. Daryl bought me a hair brush. Omg i finally own a brush of my own. Firstly, i need to start liking neat hair...

I was bored just now & i decided to watch Susan Boyle again.

Makes me wanna cry...

Mars & Don, prepare yourselves...tomorrow you will witness SB2. REALLY WANNA GO KBOX LORZXZZZZZ ME ISH DAMN EXCITEDS.

*i must go remember lyrics now*

Lust...because it's $7830.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Understand me?

I'm not going to start an emo post although i'm feeling shitty as hell right now. Sometimes i should just keep my damn mouth shut. Some things aren't meant to be told i guess.

Anyway! I logged into my FB and found pictures!

So that made me wanna blog before i start on the 100+ unread mails....God i feel extremely guilty for leaving a lot of people waiting for their package which i supposed to mail out on the day i left but didn't have the time to....Eeeeek sorry!

Anyhowz, pictures!!

Mars you look so naughty naughty....*shakes finger our style* Hahaha.

I know people are going to ask me where my rings are from. Check out my shop @ f.e.p okay? :)


Oh and can u believe it, right after clubbing i went straight to the airport to catch my flight and spent the entire day shopping! All dirty and eecky and smelly with no sleep!

I swear i'm NEVER doing that EVER again. I was falling asleep everywhere. Urgh. BUT I WAS REEEEALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKENDS SO CAN'T LET IT GO TO WASTE JUST BECAUSE OF MY FLIGHT. The coming weekend better make up for the pretty sucky night that night.

Butter is better!! Haha.

Figo!! Heheh

Btw, the eyelash extensions are SOOOOOO worth it right! Love it!

**p.s can't believe i went to the extent of deleting him off fb but i guess it's a good thing. makes me stop being so obsesssed and paranoid with everything.

*p.s still cannot get my mind off the navy blue chanel bag....omg navy blue...i really really want it but it's $4k-ish and i cannot bear to see the money fly away like that!!! sigh but it's perfect!!!! times like these, i wish i was a spoilt rich brat. DAMN.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

17 again

So we caught 17 again and it was not like a very whoa movie....Zac's face the only reason i managed to stay awake throughout the whole movie. He is so hot omg.

After the movie the girls came over...

Then they found my secret...


Have sooooo many eye wears (hmmm close to 30?) and i hardly even wear them out.

They also discovered my secret. What i do in bed before i sleep. Omg sounds naughty...hahaha. I'm just a very very vain girl.

So anyway, today was the first time it (my sunglasses)'s been put to hmm...rather good use.



Sugar Rush

We r so retarded.

Was sucha fun night. Who needs boys!!

Am so damn drained from all the laughing. Time to hit the sacks!

Friday, April 17, 2009

AirAsia 2

....continued from Day 1.


DAY 2...

All of us woke up late!!!! Yeah cuz we only managed to sleep at like 4ish in the morning and we had to be up by 8am.

We really didn't know what we were going to do the entire day until we received a phone call that the tour guides are going to bring us shopping!


It's a newly opened factory outlet!

You can find TONS of different brands. I'm completely clueless about the authencity though.

I found a beige Mango blazer-it looks and feels real....cus the quality is darn good(SGD$20), pretty shorts for sleeping (SGD$3) (i am a weird person, i like buying clothes to sleep in LOL), berms for Daryl (SGD$20), slippers (SGD$2)......and a lot more! Freda & Peggy spent WAY more! They got like reeeeeally nice shorts! The things in this mall weren't exactly CHEAP-CHEAP though....heard there are a lot of factory outlets along Riau Street!

Bandung is very well known for it's factory outlets! It's a GREAT place to shop at because the things are really really cheap there!

I did my research and this are the more famous places to go to when you go to Bandung,
Rumah Mode
Jl. Setiabudhi 41F
Tel. (022) 203-5498

Dago Stock Ekspor (DSE)
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda 52
Tel. (022) 423-7532

Not forgetting the famuos, Jeans Street - Jalan Cihampelas (it was just 1km away from the place we were living in!) for Jeans and Cibaduyut for shoes.

I know a lot of people think of Bangkok when they think of shopping but once you step into these malls, you'll realise that Bangkok really isn't THE BEST because its not as cheap as shopping in Bandung. You will be shocked because the military jacket was from Bandung!

After our shopping spree at The Secret, we headed to Paris Van Java.

Paris Van Java is a gigantic and beautiful mall! There, you can find shops like The Face Shop, The Body Shop, La Senza, Mango, Guess.....even Charles and Keith-how come i didn't know there were so successful!

Really cute white doves specially imported from Holland! They are sooooo special!

They even let peacocks walk around this level!

It's really funny how these animals are so free but have flew/ran away! Also wonder why no one stole them....they are so cute!!! Hahaha.

We went to the top level of Paris Van Java to check out the SUPER PRETTY CLUB. It's so huge....nicer than zouk...or any clubs in SGP. SERIOUSLY. It is sooooo grand inside!

Sadly i didnt snap any good pictures of the inside cus it was really dark!

The top level is also where The Secret Garden is!

It felt like i was in bird park or something! You can see all kinds of birds there!

Poor peacock

They had this butterfly cage where you can go in and check out the flowers and have pretty butterflies fluttering all around you.

I didn't go in though. Am scared of butterflies and moths....i am actually scared of all flying insects. Bet i'll freak out and run all around if a butterfly gets 1cm near me....BUT IT'S A FREAKING CAGE THERE'LL BE BUTTERFLIES ALL OVER! OMG....

Thank goodness i didn't go in. I'll be a butterfly murderer at the end of the day. Might even have to get new butterflies for them.....what if i caused some rare breed to extinct because of my screaming and violence....


We had to leave but this big birdy was sitting there posing for us so even though we were running late, we just had to stand there snapping 20 pictures of this bird. It was really like a photoshoot for this bird. It was like changing positions and

After the secret garden, we were brought to this place at the top level of Paris Van Java

where we had our yummy buffet dinner and then shopped some more!

Didn't manage to get anything because we were sooooo broke after shopping at The Secret. We didn't wanna bring much cash out because we didn't know Bandung was such a great place to shop at!

Now Day 3!

We woke up just in time! Went down for breakfast!

Breakfast was really really good!

We were supposed to go climb some mountains on Day 3 but we were unfortunately LATE and had to miss out the fun. I REALLY WONDER WHAT IT WAS LIKE!

So we didn't know what to do and went back to our apartment to take a nap...

Then came a call and a private van came to pick us up to go for more shopping! :)


The horse looks super pretty. ESPECIALLY THE TAIL. Now i know where the word "pony tail" came from man. However i wonder why they have to wear that weird...what i would call, face bra, on their face. The butt so nice...I WANNA SEE THE FACE! :(

We went to Heritage & Cascade, two malls joined together!

I bought this!

This place is filled with clothes and i LOVED the outer-wear there. Freda and i managed to get some really good steals there! SO HAPPY!!!! I really wanted to get another black blazer and vest and the chanel-ish dress.....BUT SADLY I LOST MY CARD THERE. :( So i could only afford just 2 jackets. OH WELL...guess those weren't meant to be mine. :(

We went back to the hotel immediately after that because the driver had something to attend to so we lazed in the hotel and ordered room service!

and we bought tons of snacks to keep us company.
We slept till night time and headed down to the lobby to use our lappies till late.

Then slept!

Waking up on time for Day 4 was MOST IMPORTANT. So we were super early! We were like the first few down for breakfast at like 6.30am! Kiasu us....but if we were to miss the bus, we wouldn't be able to catch our flight....


The airport is really small. I was shocked because it looks a lot like .... the JB check point? I dont know what you call that but when you reach JB, the part where they stamp stamp your passport? Yeah like that! Just a few tiny shops not much seats....Cannot believe that was the airport!!

Hehehe i know the sunglasses make us look like we're stars. (pic from peg's blog)

But it was cool...because i bet a lot of you haven't experience Bandung-Indonesia. I HAVE!!!
You must must check this place out. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LOVE CHEAP SHOPPING. The air ticket is also very cheap! About $1xx max?? From AirAsia!! GO AIRASIA!

Flying with AirAsia was a pretty good experience. The in-flight food looks and smells soooo good! There was this little girl beside me eating what i think's Nasi Lemak in the air bus...i wanted to steal her food please :x. The friendly flight attendants who are readily there to serve you make the flight so much nicer too. Now who says you have to pay a high amt of money to get good service??

I really enjoyed this trip and i am soooooo thankful for having this opportunity to go on a sponsored overseas trip! I never ever thought i'd be able to do this in my entire life! So really....thank you AirAsia and Nuffnang! :)