Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Nitez

I woke up in disbelief that Don & I were partying last night. At 12mn we were walking around cine with nothing better to do and being very random people, we decided to go clubbing. Amazingly stayed till the end of the party. I did it mainly because HE was there. Never thought we'd meet this quick. I don't know if it was a good or a bad thing seeing him last night. 

O well...

Anyway these few days have been pretty stressful too. With my online store:( SO many refunds to make. Thanks to the new system and the technical error. FWAHHHHHHH i need to find a more suitable system man! urghhhhhh. Sorry to all the people who've had a bad experience. REEEEEALLY didn't want that to happen :(

Sigh. The negative things aside, tonight is round 2....totally excited. Am sure it's gonna be a lot of fun. Always is at Butter. :) 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

76 Preview

(omg my boobs look fake :x hahahaha)

Preview for tomorrow's collection is up (here).

You'll be seeing more of Don in upcoming collections cus it's her holidays. The pictures definitely look more fun with 2 cus 2 is better than 1!

Time to glue my eyes to the computer photoshop-ing pictures for tomorrow for the next 3 hours... Gdbye lovers.

p.s my buldging tummy is super gross. i'm hoping it's just my period.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Hey hoooooo!

So lately...i kinda screwed up in many areas of my life...

I hate thinking before doing anything. So the mess i'm in now, i brought it upon myself.

Flew off for some retail therapy and business during the weekend!! Too bad i missed thriller :/ walau :( but it's okay because i'm back home with TONS of stuff...

I shopped uncontrollably...i guess T was kinda scared cus bet she never thought someone would be a more impulsive shopper than her!

Here's some awesome stuff....

Vintage blazers. The blue one is super nice right!!!!! :)

Basics! I seriously don't know what i was thinking....Buying a rainbow? Hahaha. 

This is just half of the clothes i bought for myself...couldn't capture the other half of it cus my the batt for my cam went flat. In just 5 min. I think the batts i got from 7-11 were used or something! I mean, how is it possible for it to die in 5 min! Kena cheated :(

10 new additions to my shoe rack. Shoe fetish you see!

6 new additions to my eyewear collection. HEHE

Pedi (in my fav footwear)!! 1 hr and the top part kinda chipped off. :( Colorblocks. I'm beginning to like bright colors for some reason. Cheers me up a lil...i guess?

Yum tum tum

STOCKS FOR THE STORE. Not all mine though...half belongs to T. But still....crazy mess huh! Hahah.

Currently, my fav. ring! Luv it 2 the max. The one and only one i saw at the shop.

Last but not least....

I ran back into the boutique to get this at my last 5 min or so (was at the airport)...

SO PRETTY!! Couldn't resist!

That was my weekend. Actually it's how my weekend is every 2 weeks but i finally got down to taking pictures and blogging about it :)

Look out for this dress in the next collection! WEDNESDAY 27 MAY 8PM SHARP @

Luv you kidz. I'm going to go eat. HUNGRYYYYYYYY.

p.s there's a reason why i'm not revealing the exact place i got my stuff don't ask cus i won't tell!!! sorry :(

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Don't ask me why....some things are just better left unsaid.


Heavenly butter pork ribs

Mushroom tofu thing...the gravy is da sex. Hehe.

This 2 dishes are so good they've made their way to my top 10 fav. food list!

Hosan's recommendation.

All the way at commonwealth!! Super far away but a foodie is more than willing to travel from East Coast to Commonwealth fr damn awesome food!

After the meal with Donnawonna & H, i went to gardens to meet people...

Tigerrrrrr. LOL.

Therese on the swing. She's like swing queen....she can go like super duper high.

Lookin' good Mars.

More pictures tomorrow!

Dingxuan's birthday 2night!!!!!! Omg i miss you dx, you true blue dancing queen! Can't w8 to see you later alligator. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Did a new tatt! Or to be exact 2 tatts ytd....i'm a wordy person now hahaha.


Bad move....


I hate myself for being so impulsive. Always end up regretting the things i do. I really shouldn't have but it's done and can't be undone.

O i know there's no turning back so yeah...since i chose to move on with the help of another, i should stick to it.

Hope things only get better! Not pinning my hopes too high though...

On a side note, i should just cheer up because my $4xx f21 package will be arriving this week! MORE CLOTHES FOR ME!!! This week is my break from the online store week. Plus donna is having a short break from sch...which means we can do something fun this week! Xcitingggggggg.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

1, 2 whoop whoop

Mother is finally back. Party at my crib ends today. Time to get back to my boring life.

Had too much to drink...haha.

Is there a solution to make my body not turn so red when i drink????? I always end up looking so disgustingly red and my face always like...bloats up? Mars said i could be allergic to alcohol......

Anyhowz, legs are aching now thanks to last night. A Trak was amazing. 

Tomorrow i will see some new additions on my body. Hello Pain, i know you're worth it!

Looking forward to the butter pork ribs din din tomorrow! That day H brought M & I to try it and i swear i've never tasted anything so damn gooooooooood. Too bad we brought the cam out without a battery (h8 it when that happens). 

Mars left her katy smith vcds here...should  i do some aerobics before i head out?

This post is so random. 

But i'm just random like that. ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunny sunny

Donna, Contact lenses & I...

The xiao ah lian in me hahahaha.

Finally, some pictures taken under the sun!!!

I love love love my shoes! Vintage and one of a kind ^^v

So the past few days, many people came over to crash because the mother is out of country!! My house feels like a chalet now haha.

Gonna do some aerobicz and take tons of pictures using mar's new flash at the beach (power walk!!!) later! We seriously need to get our bodies moving or die.