Monday, June 29, 2009


Samsung Mobile is proud to launch the Samsung Jet - a high end innovation to mark a new chapter in full touch phones. Packed with features, Samsung Jet delivers the very best in power, speed and brilliance, all housed in a sleek and stylish design, to produce a unique touch experience.

The Jet is Sexy

Black will always be sexy. (& will always go with every outfit i'm in!)

With a bit of red. (yeah there's some red lines at the back. looks rly gd.)

Sexy indeed. :>

As you know, i'm always out and i NEED a phone that has Wifi so i can check my mails.
& the Jet has just what i need!

Connectivity: Bluetooth® v2.1, microUSB (USB v2.0 Hi-Speed), Wi-Fi

It has Facebook & Youtube installed inside too! You don't have to go through all the hassle to download it and all!

Since i'm a busy person, TIME IS PRECIOUS. The Jet has an accelerated application processor that can integrate various functions such as navigation and viewing, so users can access them all without usual lag time or blurred visuals that can disrupt the pleasure of the experience. HOW AWESOME because i dislike laggy phones.

You can take great pictures using the phone!

5 megapixels! Has Face Detection, Smile Shot, Panorama Shot, Blink Detection. Can fight with compact cameras already lor! Hahaha.

Oh it's easy to use too. It's a touch screen phone!

The jet is slim and really light. (108.8 x 53.5 x 11.9 mm)

Nice to camwhore with hehe!

Samsung Jet for you?

Go down to the Samsung flagship store @ VivoCity to play with the sexy one! :)

For more info,

Best Girl

Today i brought my fav. girl out of dinner @ the Marriott. Had awesome awesome sashimi :>

Ly with make up!! Thx to me. I suck at putting make up but see, my dear girl looks so good!

However, not the best place for buffet. Not a big variety & it's quite pricey (but do not ask me how much because ly cannot know!).

Finally found a dress to match my wedges!

Oooooh & check out my gigantic pink flower (from forever21)!! Cannot wait to wear it out hehehe.

& i don't know if it will be a mistake blogging about this but i'm going ahead with my Alarplasty surgery!

"Your wide nose makes you feel like one of those funny-looking animated characters, somehow it makes you feel less confident and unhappy. Now the time has come for you to do something about it."

I look like Squidward. REALLY CANNOT STAND IT. I complain about it non-stop and so it's about time i did something about it. I know my nose is already sharp, but the sides are really REALLY WIDE. I like my nose from the side, a lot. I just want to like it equally much from the front too!

Alarplasty is different from rhinoplasty. The common nose job a lot of people do is rhinoplasty, which is the insertion of of a silicon in your nose to make it sharper. The one i'm doing is to only reduce the side of my nose. The doctor i consulted said that there wouldn't be a very big difference as my nose can only go about 10-20% smaller.

I'm also considering chin augmentation! The doctor said that my face will always be this chubby :( and the only way i can make me look not so chubby is to get a sharper chin. Hmm.....let me think about that.

My mum's pretty supportive about it and she's going to be with me during my surgery. Thank God for a supportive mother!

Am expecting lots of encouragements/insults. Mentally prepared. My mind's SET.

So good bye blog. For prolly a week or 2? (but i'll still be tweeting away so follow me on twitter - up there! ^)

p.s my nose looks slightly smaller this few days because i've been using the nose clip & pinching my nose pretty religiously! the result of the surgery will look something like that. i no longer have to rely on the nose clip to look good anymore hehehe!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


So sober, and happy (but tired-yes i know i need to fix those eye bags. BAD.). That was before heading over to my puke party.

Last night saw me wasted and going home @ 2am puking non-stop in the cab.

Was horrible. So fucking horrible i'm never going to rely on PEPP pills ever again. If i can't drink, i can't drink...THAT'S IT. The PEPP pills smelt so horrible it kinda "activated" my puke system. So much for "Pepp is clinically tested to reduce alcohol levels by more than 50% within 40 mins".

Maybe i can only drink half a jug & that's about it. I'll remain lousiest drinker 4 lyfe. 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

No one likes liars

Doesn't mean your name is April, you can take me as a fool!

Ok this is a rather interesting post you'll be reading!

So...this buyer April ( is pretty smart eh. She managed to cheat me since MAY! I didn't realise it until now because i trust her a lot. She "spends" over $100 in every collection and i regarded her as the best loyal buyer. Didn't check for her $ because i trust her from the start (god knows why...sigh)! I thought she was nice, she sounded so nice all the time!

Weird thing is, when she makes payment, she does it item by item. Say the total is $120 for 4 items, she will split it into 4 different transactions. She does ATM transfer so i cant see her ibnick and so sometimes i take other ppl's transaction to be hers cus i trust her. (k i dont think anyone gets this part so FORGET IT)

Well well, recently she was all like "i want a freebie! im your regular" so i thought it'll be nice to give her a freebie this time round!


The was another buyer who tried cheating me (URGH WHY SO MANY CHEATERS) and that made me wanna check all my transactions extremely thoroughly and i did that a few times. THEN I REALISED SHE DIDNT EVEN PAY AT ALL.

So i questioned her, and she said
"my dad did some transaction last night tooo!
it states 01:24 as time
ref no will be 7682 and 7683
amt is also $26 and $26!

so sorry dear, I got really confused last night as I left for malaysia in a rush!"

but there was no such transaction.

then after a few exchanges of e-mails,

"so far I have 4 trans worth 26 each.
cos im using different atm cards!
so sorry!"

but there was no such thing!

i asked her to take a snap shot of the receipts but she said she doesn't keep them at all.

then she asked me to send her some items i still "owed" her previously. (which im very sure she didnt pay for too) i haven't and WILL NOT DO SO :P

"oh yea, my friend did a trans worth 26$ today?
can you checked if u have receive it?
else I really have to go to the bank tmr! =("

and nope, again FAKE FAKE FAKE.

"okay, I will have to find ways to get from him, but it will take days."

Then i found out she uses another e-mail to order stuff from me too! Huiting (

"She's my cousin who came back form the states! Willbe here for 6 months staying with me?"

but you know what? this "huiting" ever ordered stuff from me in April using the name "Kin Sheng". So now, Kin = April = Huiting? All living under one roof ordering everything from my collections! WOW.

So when i questioned her about her cousin having the same problem as her "problem: gave me ref. number and all but no such thing on my transaction history",
this is what she said,
"I'm not sure about her side though, she don't really tell me what she did/ bought. But she's always sending those clothes back to cAlifornia. You. Wanna email her ?But she left for genting few days back."

She kept using this "my so & so went overseas. get back to u when so&so gets back" shit it's so obvious that she's lying!!!!!! I wish i can just past every single thing here for the world to see. I CANNOT STAND HER.

then more stuff...

"and I know what went wrong already, all the transaction itself had all been cancelled as my friend suspects that his card have been tempered with and rang the bank. That explains."

"okay, I got what you mean. but the truth is, I paid cash for them to do the transactions for me too.
and all I get is all these. and he's avoiding me now.
and you want me to pay now when I have only $100 bucks to spare.
I don’t mind paying you but this is really unfair to me too.

pls get back to me asap so that I can see what I can do about it"


More e-mails from her

"Do you get me?
This seriously sucks the hell of my life.
I will pay you but please making life difficult for me can?
it's already very bad already to experience this."

"what can I do.
please don’t do it... I will transfer the funds latest by tmr and please blacklist me. I don’t want such things to happen again.


"Can I talk to you about it? Because I think I might wanna call the police too."

"Or you want me to return you the rest of the items?
$400 plus worth of stuff?
are u kidding me or something?
I will have to make a report if that is the case.

Because I didn’t receive that much items.

Okay, I'll compromise and can you please don’t blog about it/ I am a victim too."



"And you wanted to make a police report?
Can we go together? It will be so much easier and I seriously think my account got hacked into."


Then i said i wanna blog about this situation and see if she's the victim or i am the victim,

"okay fine, then you go ahead then.
I will just pay you $100 bucks by today.
but the blogging part, I hope no email add or name will be there."

HAHAHAHA. WALAU THEN WHATS THE PT RIGHT. Where got ppl blacklist you and not state your name or e-mail add.

So sellers out there, please check your inbox for this girl!

I guess she has tons of names & e-mail addresses, so check this add,

Recipient's Name: april teo
Address:blk 16x yishun ring road #1x-7xx spore 76016x

(edit-ed the add. x-ed some digits out. better?)


Sometimes i h8 myself so much for being such a lazy bum URGH.

Bitch par-tay

Yesterday was pretty awesome!

Woke up to do a shoot!

I don't look good in the shots sighhhh. NVM! For the whole of July i've a brilliant plan. Hehehehe.

Then off to have japanese food with D. I AM EXTREMELY SAD BECAUSE I ORDERED 2 PLATES OF SALMON SASHIMI AND IT WAS EFFING BAD. I wanted 10 plates at first. Sakae sushi's sashimi suckz. We wanted to have hanabi but they only opened at 6pm but i was already starving at 4pm so we had to make do with Sakae :( Am still craving for japanese food. So unsatisfied.

Felt so happy meeting D!!! He gave me a champagne colored rose this time and left a sticky note on my mirror (which i only found this morning). Besties 4 lyfe :> wishing we'd stay best friends for a long time! It's ok if we aren't tgether because at least we still have each other! Though now, i can't say he's mine, all mine. Quite sad eh. :(

Went to tanjong beach for some crazy random party at 12 midnight. Doing something different! With LOTS of beer. & blinding flashes (thx to yours truly -hehe) & FOOD. Omg that reminds me...i left my tub of nata de coco there. And all the jelly. OMG MY NATA DE COCO!!!

Oh and we played soccer. I think soccer should  be played wearing a maxi dress. Haha! Was so fun. But i ended up sweaty and smelly. Yck. Haven't felt like that in awhile.

I also mastered the Donna M. dance. Weehoooo.


Team-building woohoo

Round #2 will be improved!! We'll bring some lights, more mats, more tents....MORE BEER! I like beer. 

Can't wait!