Friday, July 31, 2009

Cobweb Leggings

Hey girls, the online store will be under maintenence and unavailable from 1 August (Saturday) - 4 August (Tue).

I would be changing the system! The order form gave me too much trouble for the past few collections! I hope the new system would be long term. It's much more professional and neat too! There would be more in stocks! Look forward to bags & shoes! ~~

Meanwhile, during the downtime of the online store, feel free to drop by the boutique at Far East Plaza #04-133! 20% STOREWIDE DISCOUNT ON ALL APPARELS.

p.s ill be launching a few items from collection #82 at on Sunday evening, 8pm! SPREAD THE WORD - do help me inform your friends about the maintanence of and go to instead!! Thanks girls!

Ohsofickle on Facebook

About time right? I am quite sian of people adding me on my personal fb account to see the preview pictures for OSF that's why. ANYWAY! YAY NOW EVERYONE CAN SEE THE PREVIEW PICTURES! Also, will be updating that page with the latest updates! The new layout wont have a "when is the next update" space so if u want to know when the next launch would be, you've got to check the Facebook page out alright!

Feel free to post on the wall too! Let me know what you want to see in the future - any awesome piece of clothing you spotted and want to share(which i might modify and manufacture for OSF)? Feedbacks....Questions....etc! ANYTHING!

Oh and UH, FUCK THOSE PPL WHO THINK I AM ACTING DEPRESSED AND ALL. SRSLY. You guys know nothing about me alright. FYI I AM STILL TAKING A BREAK - I have not met a single friend since Monday?! If i don't tell people that i'm updating the store then how would they know?! I know i said i wanted to stop blogging. Well, ok SORRY but i'll make it clear now. I WANT TO STP[ BLOGGING ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE - GOT ENOUGH OF PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT ME AND MAKING ASSUMPTIONS. Dont want all that shit anymore. Especially not now when i already feel so down.


cobweb knit leggings from stolen girlfriends club

Omg i want this!!!!!!! No wait i NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it!

Too bad it's sold out. Anyway it's USD$120.25 - pretty pricey so yeah. :(


Throw over an oversized boyfriend blazer/denim shirt. Wear opaque black stockings. Accessorize excessively! would that look!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

#82 Mini Preview

Hey girls!!! Please please please do not contact me at my phone number regarding anything pertaining to the online store. You will not get any reply so i suggest you e-mail me instead! I'll be traveling so much from now on so replying smses when i'm overseas will cost a bomb. Some more it's not one not 2 not 3 smses ok.......It's really not cheap!! So please e-mail me. If i don't reply, send it again and again! You can send to both emails or ANYTHING BUT MY PHONE. PLEASE & THANK YOU HOPE U UNDERSTAND!!


Here's a sneak peak of what you can find in the upcoming collection on

Most of them are exclusively designed and manufactured by me for the store! ~~

Pale blue military jacket which is one of the best blazers i've ever designed ,yet. Proud of this baby!! Hehe. Oh & such a rare sight, i'm in denim jeans! I'm kinda bottom-heavy and have short legs so i always look so bad in jeans but this isn't so bad! It's kinda like the first pair of jeans ive ever gotten that fits me perfectly. It's really hard to find jeans that has enough room for my calves! Always sits nicely on my waist but when it comes to my calves...sigh god knows how many killer jeans i've to let go thanks to my manly legs. >:(

Here's another military blazer that'll be in tomorrow's collection!

So....Michael Jackson no?

His blazers are all seriously AMAZING with a capital A!

"You will certainly be missed but your influence in the realms of music, philanthropy and fashion will be everlasting."

The lame toga dress would not be in the next collection as it will only be available at the boutique after 11 August (it's one of the designs i'll be designing specially for the shop -that you wouldn't be able to find online)!

Having a clearance sale for you girls at both the boutiques! From now (30 July) to 10 August! Making way for something better! Stay tuned! So anyway, do drop by Far East/Haji Lane. Please mention you read the blog to enjoy the 20% discount off ANY purchase.

Power-shoulder black blazer. I really LOVE blazers with shoulder pads. Makes make shoulders looks thin hehe.

As seen in Balmain. I would love to do the shoulder pads this way but hmm, this is singaore..... i think most singaporeans wouldn't dare wear it?

Razzle dazzle! Sequins sequins sequins! If you haven't checked out Topshop, go go go! They have tons of pretty sequins tops and dresses. Got myself a really nice blue sequinned cropped top that day!

"The dazzling appeal of sequins rests in their ability to reflect light and enhance curves. Off the runways and onto the streets! Eye-catching, feminine, and sexy – sequins will add a sparkly splash of flair to any ensemble."


Biker chick vest. In cotton! Leather was quite expensive and anyway, it's really thick. Which is not a good thing. Remember the leather vest i wore for the photo shoot? Yeah i nearly DIED because it was so thick and Singapore's weather really one kind one - no mercy. So yup, even though the cotton one doesn't look as good as the leather one, it's more practical!

Shoe lace leggings! Replace your old plain boring blacks ones!

& last but not least,

i present you my favourite for this week!

Does it make you happy looking at it? Even if it is on a depressed girl.

By the way, this baby is version 2 of last week's sequin cardigan,

Which i wore on Pony's birthday!

Hope it makes you feel excited! There'll be tons of other stuff too! Flannel shirts, pouffy dresses, long sleeves lace dresses, sequin sleeves bomber jacket....etc! Date & time not confirmed yet but i am thinking Sunday evening? Will decide tomorrow!

Oh btw, in case you're wondering...

Yes - I am still alone and honestly, i think it's a good idea to be away from everyone. Shall stay away for as long as i can! Till i feel strong enough to go out and face the world again! I actually am enjoying what i'm doing so im pretty sure i'll be fine alone. It's fun shopping, style-watching, blog-hopping, designing...I can't love my job more! Thankful i have it to keep my mind off things.

Btw thanks for the e-mails. I've read all of 'em but don't wanna reply any because i don't want to talk about it alr. Sorry :( but please know i really appreciate your care and concern thx!

Also, comments disabled because i don't feel like knowing how people feel about me and yadayada - don't want anybody's opinion to affect me.

Lastly, wanna emphasize that im just staying here (in the cyber world) because of my business. Not because i still want all that attention from people - reading bout my life etc. For now, i really don't want people to know anything about whats happening in my daily life.

When i finally feel that i have an interesting life worth penning down, i'll come back and be a Blogger again. For now, i'll just be an online seller. Lol.

Meanwhile, enjoy my fashion updates?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Away from it all

To all the lovers and the haters, thank you all for following my life so closely. However, i think it's time i said good bye to this space where i shared so much to the world. Don't feel like writing about my life anymore. Well, especially not for now.

There's so much unhappiness in my life that i share in this space and end up getting "attacked" because people hate emo posts. Those who can't put themselves into my shoes would say stuff like "u should be glad that u am more fortunate than prolly half the population of africa blah blah yakkity yak". Why would go compare yourself with someone with a lousier life than yours? Everyone wants a better life no?

You know, people can say "this is your blog, you have every right to write whatever you feel" but....when you get "attacked", it doesn't feel good at all. Honestly, most of the time when i'm not out partying, i'm usually filled with a lot of sad thoughts and if i were to blog on a daily basis (which i try to avoid) about how i really feel, there'll be a looooong chain of emo posts. I hate that i have to refrain myself from writing certain things because then, people think my life is interesting & almost-perfect but how much do they really know? Why let people get the wrong picture of my life? It is just so fake. I feel so weird when people leave comments like "oh u have an awesome life!"~~~~ when it isn't. Nope, not one bit.

So why not i only start blogging when i feel genuinely happy again? God knows how long that will take but it's better than leaving people with the wrong idea about my life!

Taking a break. From everything i once had.

Will be living elsewhere....away from all things familiar!

Btw will still be alive because i still need to stay alive and live. I just can't disappear (even though i really want to) because without the online store, i really don't have anything to do and would be starving. So yup....i guess this space will only be filled with pictures of clothes clothes clothes.

I'm sorry to scare those who care. But I know this will do me good & i promise i'll be fine. Maybe a tweet or two - so at least you know i'm still alive? Hmm.... & I am still contactable via e-mail!

I just need to be alone. Need a lot of space. I hope you girls understand.

let go, let god

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let go of your ego, it's not about you

Can barely open my eyesssssssss. Hopefully i'll be able to get my beauty sleep tonight!

Quick quick quick! :) Closing at midnight (or maybe slightly later)!


I don't get why you hate practically every guy around anyway. Why hate even before you know them? OH yeah...i forgot. You're too cool for new friends! Hmm but you hang out with them pretty often eh. Hypocrite much?

Well well well sometimes i'm glad i ain't THAT stupid. Come on, you do know i can see through your lies. Im quite a resourceful person ^^ I just don't get you man, why bother impressing me when you don't want me. Why do you want me to want you when there's nothing about you left to love? Hmm.........

Do your thing with the girls alright. I know there are plenty of girls out there for you who look way better than me (am sure it's easy to find since i'm so ugly and fat in your eyes) and with your DASHING MAD GOOD LOOKS(which you always claim that you have....YEAH WE CAN SEE THAT - you do know good lookers don't need to emphasize that point if they really have it lol. oh sorry man, i was never in love with your looks? unlike you.....) and POPULARITY (surely what.... big time gangster.) - you're so gonna score with the girls. Hmm but one thing's for sure, no one will ever treat you as well as i did because i don't think anyone would be as crazy as i was. Then, you will learn "appreciation".

One fine day, i hope you realise how heartless you were. One fine day, i hope you experience misery the way i did. One fine day, karma is bound to bite you in the ass. Real hard.

You aren't all that you think you are you know... Wake the fuck up. You're a Loser. With an over-inflated ego.


I am going to sleep now. Wheeeee~~~

p.s i DONTE like you. DONTE ok. HAHA.


"Alcohol can lead to infertility for both men and women, In men, booze destroys the sperm-producing cells in the testicles, and drinking regularly can affect sperm count and the quality of the sperm."

Omg now that's sad boys!!!!!! Lol.

Ok hi.

I am really bored.

Been thinking about life - lil too much. Makes me really sad. Sigh.

Today i had maggie mee, shaker fries, 9 xlbs, mushroom noodles, seaweed, strawberry dessert thingy....made me happy. Especially because i was with Ly. Really love Ly. Sometimes i wish i went to school with her. I wouldn't be so....hmm yeah nvm.

Didn't realise i lost my keys until i got locked in (yesterday). I wanted to call a lock smith that day. Thank god for the back door. You don't know how it feels to be locked in and living on the 13th floor ok. Not funny. I actually wanted to climb out of the window.......and attempt to be spider woman.

Y'know...i've done all my packing....BUT THE EFFING POST OFFICE IS NOT GONNA BE OPEN TOMORROW. Quite pissed. I can see myself spending 1/2 a day at the post office on Monday. Urgh.

Need to go shopping. Maybe tomorrow. My life is such a bore right now. Hoping for some miracle to happen~~~

Nobody wants to be lonelyyyyyyyyyy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Pony Day

Omg...fuck Blogger man. It's still not working properly!!

Received a few e-mails of tips on how to solve it but all of it doesn't work on a Mac. It's kinda affecting my online store now. Dammit URGH!!!


So anyway! Pony turns a year older! Happy birthday donzzz!

Pictures. Lots of it!

Xlb xlb xlb!!!

Happy girl with a dozen pink balloons from the boys. Swear you wouldn't miss her if you were in town yesterday. Lol. But see the happy faceeeeeee.

and we celebrated her birthday at Zouk. So happened to be RSG - CROOKERS!!!!!!! It was MAD fun.

This is fendi & i owe him an AH LIAN. Anyone? ;)

Sudden outburst of friendliness boy & Mars.

My face expanded already. Damn fast luh!!! Haha. This are my 2 dancing queens.

Wondergirls fail picture hahahaha.


Bubblegum shotz!

However, same ol same ol thing ruined Pony's almost perfect night. Boys will be boys........

But i guess overall i guess it was still fun!! Hope you enjoyed pretty baby!

So anyway, because of Don's birthday, i couldn't reply mails :( so sorry babes! I also missed the mailing time today. I was NOT supposed to sleep. I even ordered Mac breakfast to keep me awake. made me fall asleep instantly. Pig habits are hard to kick you see.

So i've to do everything on Monday. DAMN...I accidentally booked a flight on Tue. A bit too soon luh.....but oh well i'll just go anywayzzzz.

Wanna meet bestie for a good din din today. Feel like having xiao long baos. I know....i just had it yesterday for Donna's birthday dinner but....XLB ROX WHAT! ^^

Ok bye!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Walau someone said i look really fat.


I ate so much today. Just finished a big bowl of noodles.

I am filled with guilt.


Time to take my pills starting from tomorrow!!!! 

Gotta work HARDER. Nothing is impossible! 

p.s so irritated with some comments. so i'm just going to type my reply here instead of approving and replying stupid comments. so anyway, I AM NOT SKINNY. I know i am not. I AM AVERAGE SIZED. I am big boned. I AM NOT SKINNY!!!!!! Isn't it normal to feel sad when someone calls u fat?! Are u not a girl?! Moron!!!!!!