Thursday, August 27, 2009

Giant Hair Bow

Oh my goodness...

See i remember telling you guys why i just want to stop blogging about how i truly feel about some matters man. I always end up receiving really stupid comments....sometimes it's funny but most of the time it really annoys the hell outta me. Here i am trying to say this and then there a few asswipes just have to misinterpret and make assumptions. Bloody annoying creatures seriously. Don't think they will ever get it after 21319471731 explanations!!!!!

Or maybe I should just stay with my more pictures less words posts to stay out of this shit! Well we all have a fair share of lovers and haters so yeah....there's nothing i can do to them haters cus half the time, they think i'm nothing but a bitch. But is it really possible to like hate-hate someone just by reading his/her blog?! REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW THEY DO IT. I don't even sound very bitchy here what?! ......Or do i? Or maybe.....well maybe they just like to see me all sad with a low self-esteem. You see, when i'm sad, they really leave me alone but when i'm quite alive and kickin' and blogging more confidently, they just cant help but to try to put me down. Hmmmmm........

ANYWAY....'nuff of this shit. Can't believe i'm still not used to it after 4 years......Damn.

Super giant hair bow for you?? :)

It's a hair band :)

Inspired by Lady Gaga!!

Coming soon at! Wheee~~~~~~~


p/s 2 btw, the giant hair bow was a request from my friend and a few readers! i just got a request for the LV bunny ears and so well...

i love it a lot! but what do you girls think? yes no yes no? I own 2 sets of bunny ears but those are the halloween kind and it's not so high fashion-ish bunny ears. Lol

p/s 3 Ohsofickle the online store is now on twitter!!!!!!! Be first to hear about our exclusive offers, invitations to sales, and updates on our latest styles! Follow follow! (it is totally diff from my personal a/c! my personal a/c - the one seen on top of my posts is ohsoficklexxx!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Teenage dreams in a teenage circus

So much has been happening lately.....but....those are the kind of stuff i can't blog about so.....yeah.

Anyway, that day, Donna & I decided to go to F.E.P to shop!

I was kinda enjoying myself in a particular shop cus they have pretty rad stuff but my mood turned 180 when i turned around to look at the clothes on a particular rack. Every piece looked SO DAMN FAMILIAR. Like i supplied them my designs?! But yknow, i don't have clothes elsewhere other than Ohsofickle F.E.P and BEST OF BLOGSHOPS. & those stuff......came in colours i didn't remember manufacturing it in.

HOWEVER....the cutting the design WELL EVERYTHING WAS EXACTLY THE SAME?! Y'know, the stuff i manufacture, some are inspired by runway/Topshop blahblah but there are also some which are designs that came out with from my tiny little brain and i don't think anyone has the same brain as me? Lol.

It's really ok if it's just 1 design but 1 whole rack of it is wayyyyyyyy too absurd.

Well NVM....then i went to the shop beside, and found one or two designs! I remained calm....and decided to talk to the boss since she looks so approachable. She totally gave me that :O face and told me that theres a shop in BKK selling almost all my designs? And i think some Singaporean blog shop/shop owner sent my designs to them to re-make and supply to people. She told me they made like 300 pieces per design per color! MY GOODNESS RIGHT!!!!!!!! URGH SO NOW IF U SEE MY DESIGNS EVERYWHERE IN DIFF SHOPS, YOU KNOW WHY! I trust my supplier a lot and know she didn't leak my designs out. ITS SOME FREAKIN' SINGAPOREAN WHO DID IT AND IT'S REALLY QUITE SAD WHY PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THISSSSSSS. :(

Well well, though i'm not to happy about it, i'll comfort myself by taking that as a compliment! I mean, i'm no designer man.....but still, some people choose to replicate my stuff! Hehehhe :)


Anyway, pictures from Sat.

Another night of partying. Got a feeling my weekends are all gonna be like that man. But oh long as it makes me happy? DANCIN' IS MY REMEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Gonerrrrrr. Ahhhhh i feel like shit when i see this.....cus puking is srsly....omg k it's just horrible.

Reminder to self:
Must. Stop. Fucking. Up. My. Life.

p/s i really wonder y'know.....why do i only attract the boys who're popular for being "players"? DO I LOOK LIKE A FREAKING TOY?! OK DECIDED TO NOT BELIEVE THEM ALL....BOYS WILL BE BOYS RIGHT? :)

oh and....some people are trying to start some drama at my comment box. hahahahhaha. sorry luh no time right now so i shan't approve those stuff. amusing though. :) how people don't even understand english and make their own assumptions saying "why would topshop visit your blog blabla" wtf man - did i say that did i say that? i was talking about my designs not the inspired ones gosh....hahahahaha. but if i were to accept and reply im sure the argument will never end cus they just dont understand simple english! hahaha.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love Drunk

Phuture last night for drinks and some dancing. I hate hate hate the dance floor - hate super duper crowded places!!!!! But i guess i survived and had fun thanks to alcohol? Haha. When on alcohol, i think i kinda revealed too many secrets about myself to my friends. :/ But i guess it's good cus those are bad stuff that i won't ever dare talk about when sober? least now they know why i really feel so fucked up with life.

Anyhow, Mars is sleeping so soundly in my room now hehehe. WE HAVE A DREAM.....WE'RE GOING TO LIVE TOGETHER IN 4 YEARS TIME...LOL!

Pictures from Mars & my camera.....


Apple shooters! Favourite after Jaggerbomb.


Btw, am not using falsies!!! Am using Majorca Majorlica (is this the brand name? i am too lazy to check lol!) mascara and i think it's one of the best mascaras around!!!!! I really love the brush-comb part, makes everything so much neater. Except....removing it is a bitch but who cares! I dont mind sleeping with mascara on anyway hahaha.



Zoe is so prettyyyyyyyyyyy :>

THEY MADE ME HOLD IT AH HAHAHAHAHAHA. I was trying to identify this hand by trying to recall whose hand i planted a kiss on then I realised i think i did it to 5 hands that night. Haha

And my dear DX got it on her cheek! HEHE im so idiotic.

Triplets unite! I kinda miss us being US at Butter.

Stupid overly powdered face to cover the baboon backside red face.


I look like a ghost after applying DX's foundation which is prolly 2 shades lighter than my skin color but well ANYTHING TO HIDE THAT RED FACE.

"Hunter" looks like some korean boy hahaha.

I rmb someone going...."You think you what....."Pitbull"?" LOL. link.

I just feel like posting a lot of pictures today hehehee.

I miss Ly & Freda right now!!!! I need to give up one weekend of partying to meet them soon.......... I still love you girls most k? Though i don't show but you must know. xoxo

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The past few days were pretty hectic. Nothing much happened. Except maybe yesterday i met an old flame. HAHAHA. That was like what 3-4 years ago? Hmm....pretty glad we're on talking terms though. Not like me & *. O well! I'm pretty messed up when it comes to boys now. Got a feeling the outcome's not gonna be nice. Nvm bout least now i don't feel like no one wants me. So i guess i actually proved something....that i'm not as unwanted as you think...? Sigh but...i really...m....NVM. STUPID BRAIN.

Anyway, new arrivals at

I really like the new layout and system! Hehe. Hope shopping at the online store's much easier now? :)

Can't wait for tomorrow/Sat night. Party like a rockstar ^^

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back Square 1?

Fri night:

Room like a boy's. But i dont give a damn anymore. I've no more boyfriend who's willing to help me clean up my messy room. :(

Just being me and doing my thing while waiting for K to pick me up :> hehe i love photobooth - it makes me look better! My photobooth album has tons of picx of me,myself & i. HAHAHA.

Mars likes popping out from behind and taking picx of people when they're totally unaware....thank god i'm her friend i get to delete all those ugly pictures ho ho ho.

She managed to get a pic of this unknown cute boy and couldnt stop telling the whole world about this random cute boy lol. But yes he is cute ^^

Went to Social House. The crowd was just plain......weird. :/ & we (mars, kw & i) stayed only because Kenneth was spinning. R u glad?! :)

Wasted self after a can of beer. Boy am i a weaklinggggggg.

Then it was off to rebel/zirca! Rebel & Zirca's crowd's just.....weird too. Or maybe it's just me cus i wasn't really in a great mood that night!

Nonetheless, i did have some fun......always a fun time with Mars Bars! :>

Fancy footwork!


I don't know why i'm doing all this.....when i know it's not going to do me any good at the end of it all. No matter how hurt i am deep down, the last thing i should do is to hurt another person. Really not ready for another serious r'ship. Not anytime soon. I cant emphasize this's pretty obvious though? I may be like all lovey-dovey but that doesn't mean i'm in love or whatsoever. I am just finding someone to fill the void and help me forget the stupid boy. So new boy, you'll only be a substitute?! You don't want that do you? I'm a mean ass. I know......!! So i really don't want to be any more mean that's why i'm telling you to not be serious and if possible, even better- find someone else cus i'm not ready for anything serious. :(

FRUSTRATED. I don't really know what to do now?! Continue dating > i'll be breaking hearts at the end of the day. STAY SINGLE > then i'll prolly NEVER be able to get over d.

Anyway, i just came back from my super short trip.

Flew off after partying. HATE IT. Felt soooooooooo awful in the plane.

Some picture of my Sat night~~~

Everyone around me is using a BB :((((((

But i refuse to switch despite their constant ravingsss!!!! I like touch screen phones - dont like to scroll scroll using the ball, feels a bit the restricted? Haha. Ok, it's just me. I know there's the BB Storm but im not feeling it~~~

DX is the cutest 20 year old ALIVE I SWEAR she's damn cute omg! :>


Y'know....everytime i hear "I Kissed a Girl" i always think of priscilla LOL.

Facebook for the rest :)

OMG I RMB ON THAT SAT NIGHT I DROPPED ONE SIDE OF MY CHANEL EARRINGS!!!!! & didn't realise it until KW asked me if i lost one side.

So apparently, i danced so crazily thx to all that alcohol i consumed that night, it flew and got stuck on some boy's shoe. Some boy happens to be a friend's friend so in the end i got it back - WAH I SWEAR IVE NEVER FELT SO LUCKY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I can just die if i lose it cus this pair is given by my mother and it isn't as cheap as it looks - idk why the big price diff when it looks the same as the $3xx one :/ Well im sure she's gonna skin me alive if i lose it cus it means quite a lot to her - went through thick and thin!! There was a time she needed $ and went to pawn it! So yeah...sentimental value man. Money cant buyyyyy.

NVM SO ANYWAY IT'S SAFE NOW I'VE A PAIR! Thank you found-my-earring-boy! Ok about time i start remembering names.....feel so bad for not being able to thank the person properly and politely. :/

Can't wait for the weekends already!


I really mean, HARD! It's only going to be fun on weekends but the weekdays would be nothing but WORK - which is fun though cus i love it so yeah hehe NOT A TOUGHY!

I'm sooooo broke now! It's scaring me. Took such a long break from my online store. :( Promise i'll work hard. I REALLY WNA BUILD IT UP AND MAKE IT BIGGGGGGGER!!!! I should not and cannot let my broken heart ruin this goal....cus if i really do, i really would be nothing but a Loser.

Just can't believe the fact that you're totally completely over me. I know there's left of me for you to love (but i didn't mean to hurt you - i just wanted your attention)...but stupid mind refuses to accept it. Omg i seriously sound damn pathetic. Urgh.