Monday, September 28, 2009

5 Min Make Up

I don't understand why people ask me to do tutorial on putting make up cus....i do my make up in 5 min and it's really simple!!

So like, a lot of people think i spend a lot of time doing my make up but like...well watch this video and see how i do my make up. I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO PROPER MAKE UP because i kinda suck at doing that. Haha i do it in 5 min not because i'm good at it-this video will make you believe me and stop asking me to do tutorials cus i really suck.

It's is to show ya'll that my make up is SIMPLE and FAST cus a lot of people think i take a long time to do my make up and keep bugging me to do a tutorial on how to do it but well NOPE I'M TELLING YOU GUYS THAT MY MAKE UP IS PRETTY BASIC AND THIS IS PROOF!!!

SO QUIT TELLING ME THAT YOU CANT SEE WHAT I'M DOING HALF THE TIME CUS IT ISNT A TUTORIAL IM REALLY NOT TEACHING YA'LL ANYTHING!!!!! I'm also not promoting any of the brands or whatsover! As u can see, i'm in a hotel room, and therefore i only brought my travel kit make up. So yup not all the products i'm using in the video is what i usually use.

But i am still very reliant on make up cus i look quite bad without it. Well you can see the difference and DUHHHH me with make up obviously looks better so why would i choose to look ugly when i can look good in 5 min hehe.

Oh i did this video in the morning at like 5am cus i didn't wanna miss my flight and decided not to sleep.

Ugly Bare Face

So before i started this video, i used a tinted moisturizer and concealer.
**** Oh and my upper lip looks weird cus I accidentally put concealer on it lol its not some weird lip thing someone just left me a comment asking if I blahbalh so I thought I should clarify before more ppl ask me weird stuff!! *******

Using some random tinted moisturizer i got from a departmental store from Bangkok and Mac concealer.

Yknow i like to "spam" concealer on my face :/ even on places where there isn't spots. Lol. I even used concealer on my upper lip so i dont look like i have a moustache.

Well the video is 8 min long but i was doing it super slowly and i had to hold my mirror up blah blah. So well normally i only take 5 min to do it! Including the other half of my face luh...didn't wanna waste time doing the other half cus it'll be boringgggg. Plus i had to be super careful esp when applying eye liner cus i can't make mistakes or i'll have to re-do the whole video haha.

I prepare like a boy. Only need like 20 min on average? I bathe super fast, get dressed super fast (cus i decided on the outfit in my mind the night before i turn in), put my make up super fast! Don't even do my hair. Don't even brush it. If my hair is really badly tangled, ill just take a brush and brush the exterior, leaving the inside all messy. Can't run your fingers through my hair cus it's like a crazy mess. Haha. Wish i was more girly sometimes!!! Though i know i look and behave like i'm really girly but well look at my room, the speed i take to doll up, the amount of food intake, the speed i can eat my food, my big bones, my muscular calves (ewwww much)......maybe i am a boy! Without a dick....with woman parts....ok then that makes me a girl already. :/ LOL K WHATEVER TRYING TO BE FUNNY.


DONE! :)



My blackberry one is fucking ugly leh :( but i spent a lot on it. HEART PAIN!!!! I'll just bear with it for a month...maybe i'll grow to like it? I HOPE SO :/ & if i don't........zhng again!!!

OH OH, last Friday was so random but i had quite a lot of fun at Butter!! Finally a night where there isn't a lot of people and i can just go crazy dancing & singing my heart out....wheeeee~~ Can't wait for the coming weekend!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Pretty Face

Photoshoot for Collette by Fariz!

My fav of the lot. SUPER PRETTY! :)

You'll be seeing more of this pretty face in the upcoming Ohsofickle collections!

p.s & if you find her familiar, i think you might've came across her face while flipping The New Paper cus she's one of the finalists! If you think she's pretty do VOTE FOR COLLETTE FOR NEW FACE MISS POPULARITY TITLE!
Text: TNPNF02your NRICyour name & send it to 77877(20c per sms)


I love pretty faces. Boys and Girls......girls especially! Idk why i hardly see good looking boys that can make me go crazy. I can only go crazy for like maybe a day or 2 and then they'll start to look boring. To date, i think there's only like 5 boys i went gaga over for more than a week. Example, Cole Mohr!!!!!!! I want to marry him he is so effing hot!! I've been going gaga over him for over a year or 2 and AM STILL NOT SICK OF HIM ;). OH MARRY ME ALREADY! I love skinny boys with tattoos hahaha along the lines ofn
cole and ash stymest ahhhhh omg I realised there's only one singaporean that has ever made me go crazyyyy! Yknow the cutest boy in the world I was talking about a mth back? Yeah omg hahahaha shit I'm mad. Lol.

It's different when i look at girls though....i can look at them for hours and say the same thing about them over and over again but not get sick of it at all! I hardly come across cases where the more i look at a girl, the uglier she gets. You know in chinese they call it "bu nay kan" ? Hahaha right....that kinda looks like some vulgar hokkien word. I find that the good looking people always become more good looking!! WHICH IS JUST UNFAIR!!!! PFFT.

Does make me feel like why can't i look half as good as them!!!

Well to comfort myself, i shall tell myself that God has his reasons for everything. I should be thankful for opportunities given to me.....think my business and my blog... wheee~~ Maybe those are things they want but can't have? Like how i want their looks but can't have....sighsighsigh. Haha....hmm wonder how long i can keep this positive mindset uh. So unlike me.

In a good mood now if you can't already tell.


I LOVE HOME DELIVERIES. But daaaaaamn. Fried food for almost all my meals! NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

Eh can more companies provide 24 hours home delivery not!!! MACS IS SRSLY DAMN FATTENING Y'KNOW!! Can't they have 24 hours food delivery for like.....fishballl noodles or tom yum soup or xiao long bao or well something not deep fried containing gross trans fats that will turn me into a whale?!


Oooooookay. Moodswing i see there.


No i am still happy.

I can still feel my 6 pieces of nuggets and fries and corn swimming in my tummy. Am kinda tempted to order mcbreakfast now. YUMMMERS~~~~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is something that has been bothering me for the past few nights.


Sat-Mon, i decided to take a break....enjoy the public holidays while i can!!! Y'know, my weekends are usually super freaking boring...i do nothing but use the computer and pack mails. So during the weekends, i'll try to have as much fun as i can and take a break from the e-mails! I do check my inbox sometimes but well most weekends i choose not to cus i am human, i also need to rest! I'm not some computer robot thing yknow!

So recently, there's been a rise in the number of orders (yippee!!) but that means more work for me. Obviously, i'll be slower too. I feel that i can't manage it alone so im getting people to work for me in the office but that's gonna only happen next week cus there's a lot of things i have to do before handing everything to other people. Anyhows, thing is, i get REALLY annoyed when ppl e-mail me everything 6 hours asking me to reply them. They do it on all 3 days of my rest days. Even comment on my comment box. Write on my fb wall. Mention me on twitter. Send e-mails to my personal email. CHILL OUT MAN REALLY. Goodness.

You think i want to cheat you meh? You think if i cheat you i can get away so easily? Gosh....almost everyone knows where i live, know my hp number, know my shop address, know my friends......WHY WOULD I WANNA CHEAT YOU?!

You need to realise that i can't be as fast as i was a year back anymore! :( Cus this is bigger than before which means more customers which means things would be slower! I only have 24 hours a day, just like before. I wish i had more hours but sadly thats really not possible right?

Have u shopped at F21 before? How long do they take to process ur order? About a week right? Well i'm just asking you to give me like 2 days break.....let me have the weekends off! I know during the weekends, maybe you're the kind who's always home camping in front of ur mail box but i am not i need to go out and play~~~

So please, please, please try to understand! My working days are MON - THUR. Fri i'll only reply in the afternoon and from fri night to Sunday night....let me rest!!! I will reply sometimes....when i'm free too k?


OK WELL WELL....if you really don't like waiting....i really cant do anything but to tell you that i'd rather you not buy than hurl vulgarities at me or a string of nonsense like i'm damn irresponsible or i should spend more time working (hello?! 5 days a week, almost 24/7 on the computer and packing....not hardworking enough?).


I would love to speed up things BUT CAN'T - I can only do this matter what you wanna say, it's not gonna change much?

I really hate it when people go "a customer is always right" but.... SOMETIMES. I think it's like bull. I'm sorry lah....:( i can't agree to that saying all the time. Cus well some people are just too much....they can't put themselves into other people's shoes.

p/s i realised my recent posts are all really bitchy and angsty. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I ALSO DONT LIKE. been quite an angsty girl lately. HOPE ILL BE ABLE TO MAKE THE NEXT POST A HAPPY ONE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Omg....if it wasn't for babygirl texting me telling me that she just voted....i'd have forgotten about blogging about this!!!

I was soooo excited to do so this morning when i got the e-mail. However i was really busy with my packing and mailing it slipped off my mind!


So anyway...

Asia-Pacific’s (APAC) first and biggest regional blog awards — Nuffnang Blog Awards, will be held in Singapore on 23 October 2009 at the Pan Pacific Hotel Ballroom. Bloggers from around the region will be attending the Awards! Super excited cus i think Bryan Boy would be there since he's one of the 5 nominated for Best Fashion Blog. I LOVE BB! Oh this reminds me....i just got a BB. More about it at the bottom. Ha ha.

I've been nominated for Best Blog Shop!!!

Quite a shocker there!! Really. Cus when i heard about the awards being "asia-pacific" my hopes for attending the event was dashed. Then this morning, got an email from Nuffnang informing me about it!

WELL THANK YOU FOR NOMINATING MY ONLINE STORE although i can't say it's the best online store around cus i'm quite inefficient cus i'm doing almost everything on my own. Well i've found a solution for that but the office isn't ready so i can't solve it yet :( but in about a month's time you can see a great improvement in the service and efficiency! :)

Ohsofickle has gone a looooooong way. From being just a mini blog shop selling preloved clothing to an international online store attracting a few thousands everyday! ALL BECAUSE OF EACH AND ONE OF YOU! If it wasn't for you girls supporting me...i don't think i'll be who i am today. Sincerely thank ya'll so much and the best i can do is to provide you girls with the best service i can give!

It's hard now because i'm short-handed and i've so lil time, so much to do. :( But if you can't alr tell, i am trying! Am constantly finding solutions to improve the site to make shopping even easier and more fun! Though there are still some hiccups here and there. Don't want it to happen, really. But sigh....guess we can't be perfect all the time.

Well i really can't express how much i love my supporters! I love ya'll for being so encouraging. :)

Btw, if you're wondering why my Haji Store closed down. It's because i really dont think i can manage 2 shops and a big online business on my own. :( But i'm intending to open another in Haji at the end of the year since i'm employing people to work in the office to handle the online business! Really love Haji lane that's why hehe. Plus, i know how many of u don't feel comfortable walking through SUP to go up to my shop. So this time i'll find a shop on the ground level or a shop with an entrance straight up to the shop! :)

ANYHOWZZZ, with so much said, i'd like to ask for a favour....hehe :X it's so weird typing this. I feel so weird like some thick skinned bitch but well....i'm gonna say it anyway...

Vote for me for "BEST BLOGSHOP"? I know luh....service not yet up there and the other blog shops are damn awesome (i love 2 from the list, A LOT). But dear readers, you know i'm doing this on my own and understand righty right? Haha.

Not forcing you girls to vote la so vote only if you like me and think i deserve it. Or if you can't find a prezzie for my birthday which is coming in less than a month's time then....this would be a good gift? :x

Voters are entitled to cast one set of votes every 2 hours. Please note that you have to cast votes for every category.
p.s so if you really think i deserve to win can feel free to vote for me everyday till 11 Oct? Haha i will love you forever!

The voting phase will end on 11th October 2009. Grab this chance to vote for your favorite blogger now!


Now now....

About me and my new BB ~

I got a new line for the online store customers! So quit bugging me on my personal number! Kinda sucks especially when i'm like on a break and all this smses cant stop coming in. I also need my space girliessss. So the number you can dial/send a msg to is 82018906. To those stalkers out there who think you can get me through this number....WELL TOO BAD FOR YOU...YOU CAN'T. Cus the phone will be passed to whoever who is working at the office and back to me when no one is working. :P

Well new number means a new phone. Got the Blackberry Storm. Didn't really like it so i gave that to my mum and she gave me her Bold.

Almost all my close friends are using BB and cannot stop asking me to get it. Their constant ravings nearly made me give up my iPhone but sadly, i loved it too much! I swear it's the best phone to use to surf the net!

The BB was tempting cus i love that you can run different applications in the background! Hate the scrolling part though :/ i prefer touch screen phones like my iPhone. I gave up the BB Storm because the touch screen is more like Press Screen. You don't actually use tap - you have to PRESS. :/

I ain't gonna call myself a BB fan and diss iPhone users!



Can't wait to get used to the BB and zhng the whole thing!!!! Esp the template. Eww can't stand the default template. THE ICONS LOOK SOOOOOO BORING. Unlike the iPhone uh. Hahaha.

Last but not least,

Have you voted?

K must control self,don't want to sound desperate. Or do i already sound desperate?

p.s Quite excited for next week. Am gonna be a stupid tattoo with M. Because "love is doing stupid things together". Hahaha~


Was looking forward to that night for close to a month! Thank god we opened bottles to get a table because the dance floor was freakin' packed. Don't know how the people survived inside! Felt like i was in an oven with 830421910 mad people. Swear i couldn't survive inside for over 10 min. I'd rather sit down and enjoy the music. Warp 1.9 definitely got me crazy. Always does. Of course, went a lot crazier with Steve Aoki spinning last night!!!

But then towards the end everything was just....okay. Not as fun as i thought it'll be.'s not really good to be too excited over what's gonna happen. Cus when it isn't as fun as you thought it'll get a bit upset. OH WELL~~

Yummy girls

Weird mouth disease

Extremely hyper cute girl

Cute boy

Gossip boy season 1

Pretty girl

Spastic with her BBG






I want to start jogging again.

If i slow jog.....will i still get big calves? Not like as if mine is not big already......but like.... really wouldn't want it any bigger! So like....will i? Should i jog? I like jogging cus i really feel good after that. Feel like i've burnt every part of my body. Especially my face fats. Always goes away after a week of jogging (then comes back again when i get lazy, like now......fat face is back!). That's the fastest and best way to lose them fats but MY LEGS HOW! :(

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Can't seem to find anything to blog about. Sometimes i wonder if this life i'm leading is boring......cus every week i do the same ol' thing. Plus i spend 5 out of 7 days alone. Sorta. Unlike most people...they'll have their school mates. Hmm.....

Chain Blazer, Leather Pocket Maxi Dress (from, Studded Belt (idk to sell it online or at the shop...?:/), Black Oxfords, Sequin x Studded Bag - This has become my daily bag!!! I love it so much. Makes my simple outfits look less boring? It was quite pricey though....i got it for like SGP$120 from HK. There were the cheaper ones.....which were the studs on the leather but i've seen those around at F.E.P if i'm not wrong (retailing at $8x). So i figured the full sequin with studs (the one i got) would be less common? Haven't seen it in SGP yet so....happy! :>




My chain blazer costed me about $150+? Looks awesome! I wanted to bring in some to sell.....but i really am afraid no one would wanna buy....cus i'm not sure if $150++ is reasonable or not?

Anyhowzzzz been so long since i posted outfit pictures. Which i promised to do so last time but i'm sharing my cam with mars and she's holding it pretty often so i guess that pretty much explains it yeah..... We need to get our lazy asses down to Canon to get her camera and my lens fixed. Then we'll have 2 cameras and then i'll starting posting daily outfits again!

Ooooh spot my baby pink aviators!!! My best friend kept going on about how it looks very me since the first time we saw it at some optical shop at chinatown. So in HK, i decided to get it! Slightly cheaper than SGP but still.....i really don't need anymore sunglasses do i? Haha.

My cheap ikea cupboard for additional storage is mega full. Can't really tell cus i don't like to hang my clothes. Too lazy. It's all squashed up at the bottom. My wardrobe....sigh that one i really can't see the back of my cupboard already man. Haha. THAT MEANS I NEED TO DO A MAJOR CLEARANCE SOON. Not willing to..........i love my clothes. :( However my mum can't stop nagging at the amount of clothes i have cus there's so many it's everywhere in my room and in the living room. God the living room.......don't get me started on how messy it is thanks to the stocks - you can swim in it! OH WELL....This is what happens when you own a fashion store! Not complaining though....WHO CAN EVER HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES! Plus i think the office should be ready soon! That means my house will look more like a house wheeee~~~

K & i need to complete an advertorial....



Thursday, September 17, 2009


I DO NOT HAVE MANY FRIENDS (but acquaintances, yes a lot. there's a difference!). Why do ppl even call me "famous"? DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT FAMOUS IS? And to another group of ppl, I also do not act famous or man, why would i wanna do that? Why fake that i have a lot of friends? I DONT DO THAT LOR. BUNCH OF ANNOYING FUCKERS.

When i'm in big groups, i'm usually THE QUIET ONE SITTING DOWN. It is not because i'm arrogant or proud or think i'm so up there......i just am not a people person? I'll just smile and smile cus well i just like to smile. Sounds like an idiot but that's just me :/. Anyway i try to avoid big groups. Yeah i know when i go clubbing there's gonna be BIG BIG BIG groups but if you've seen me or whatsoever,you'll know i always stick to the same handful of people and i'm always in my own little world being that "dancing queen" that i am ok? I dont go around talking to people i dont know or making friends with my friend's's not that i'm being unfriendly but's just not me! Stupid don't know anything why anyhow make up stories about me!!!!!!

But when people talk to me, i'll definitely talk to them and will be friendly (haha its a bit the uhm....yknow to say that about myself so weird but true what). I can talk for hours and hours and be myself but then that's only if i'm around 1 or 2 new people. Not like a big group of people i don't know.

That's why you see, I REALLY DONT HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS? I'm not very easy to find if you want to talk to me...cus i don't like to talk to ppl i hardly know on the phone or on MSN or whatsoever. Oh wait, i dont even use MSN messenger?!?! YES I DONT. There are some exceptions though. Like FB chat. I tried to step out of my comfort zone but long did i last?! It was just uncomfortable. Now i'm always appearing offline on FB cus i feel so uncomfortable talking to ppl i dont know...always feel scared that they've sthng up their sleeves? LOL SORRY LA I'M A BIT CRAZY. Sometimes i will talk to them....only once or twice cus well, i'm hardly online.

Honestly speaking, 'm afraid of having too many friends cus there'll be so much backstabbing and blah blah. I've not had a single backstabbing case since sec school? My friends are wonderful and I'M SO CONTENTED WITH THEM ALL. HAPPY!

Feel soooo safe around them and can really be myself and speak my mind without caring whether anyone's gonna talk shit about me cus i know they're true friends! I don't need to have sooooo many friends and invite all that drama in my life.

You must know me then you'll know what i'm really like. There're not many people who do....cus well like i said, you can only know me if you've met me in real life cus i never talk to ppl i dont know online. I'm only really noisy and crazy around my friends. Those people like Lyeyee, Freda, Donna, Mars, DX and about 5 others (i don't want to mention all to prevent some unnecessary misunderstandings)?

People who talk shit about me are people who don't know me or have never talked to me before? Those people think they know me cus they've seen me before or they read my blog much do they really know? Lol.

Mars always tells me that it's okay when someone tells me something like "hey blahblah said she doesnt like you...she thinks you're a bitch". Because they don't know me. They only think they do. That helped me a lot to get over all that shit people have been saying about me. ;)

SO REALLY, YOU CAN GO ON AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT ME. MAKE UP ALL THAT STORIES.....AT THE END OF IT ALL, WHAT DO YOU GET? If your friends find out it's all a pack of lies, you lose them, they'll see you as a loser. Think about it, is it really worth it? Lol. Up to you lah!!!!!! ;)


I'm amazed that i'm still alive! So like....i went overseas yesterday to collect my stocks despite being sick. I went 26 hours without sleep. I didn't book any hotel to stay in....i just SAT AT THE AIRPORT WAITING FOR MY FLIGHT. Cus like it was a rly short trip, and why book a hotel when i'll be checking out in 4 hours or something lol. WELL SO I SAT AT THE AIRPORT FOR 4 HOURS INSTEAD. With a fever going on & off. I'm actually quite shocked the customs didn't bother and let me through? Uhhhh well anyway yeah AND I'M STILL ALIVE AND KICKING! Got some sleep from like 7am to 1pm this morning (or should i say ytd since it's already 2am now)? Then proceeded to go do my shoot. When you have to work, YOU HAVE TO WORK!

Hate being sick when i'm overseas!!! Feels really horrible. Was puking like mad. I kept forcing myself to eat. I ate 4 different dishes in a span of hmm.....2 hours?! Puked the 1st dish out, then i decided to order again and eat again. I love eating! So yeah. Then after finishing it...i stood up and was happy cus well i'm always happy after eating. Or during the process. Or even thinking bout it. OK ANYWAY, when i stood up, i felt it going up and ran to the toilet to puke.

I DIDN'T WANT TO STOP. I WANTED FOOD TO STAY IN MY EFFING BODY CUS I NEED THE ENERGY. So i ordered the 3rd dish. I ate reeeeeeally slowly. I think i took 45 min. It was all good y'know. THEN WHEN I STOOD was a freaking repeat. SO THE 4TH DISH I DECIDED TO ORDER SOMETHING LIGHT. LIKE A SANDWICH. They gave me 4 slices. I could only finish 1........cus i felt like puking when i was about to take a bite of my 2nd. DIDN'T PUKE BUT WAS NOT CONTENTED AT ALL.

HAD A REEEEALLY SORE THROAT SINCE THEN. It's not any better now. appetite is huge and yes i've stopped taking the appetite suppressants since last week. I was quite a sad child you see. & I SIMPLY LOVE EATING. Especially to cheer myself up. It's one of the few things that can cheer me up, really. SO WELL, i decided to not take those pills anymore and just EAT WHATEVER I WANTED.

& I DID. TILL TODAY. TODAY MY PUKE FEST ENDED!!!!! So i ate A LOT. BY THE WAY, I love Ramly burger~~~~

I got depressed after reviewing the pictures of today's photoshoot though! CUS I REALISED I'VE GAINED WEIGHT. You can't see it but I CAN. Ok it may not be very obvious to you but it'll be next week! I think....but of course i hope not!!! I know i did because i've stopped 'em pills and didn't wanna watch my diet cus i wanted to be happy. Well well....but if eating has the ability to cheer me up, I WILL EAT!

Hopefully i'll find something else that can make me happy soon. Then i'll be able to get rid of this crazy eating. Lol. Won't be easy though...

OH WELL WHATEVER MAKES ME HAPPY!!! As mentioned in the previous post, i want to learn to love myself more and stop being so fucking concerned about my looks cus i will never ever be perfect or look anything like Angelababy (oh and if you dont know, she's idol? HAHAHA).

Collection #85 launching at 7pm on THUR 17 SEP @!!!!! :)

I'm gonna have an office! Employing a friend to work full time there!! So that means lesser work for me. LESSER STRESS! Less prone to mistakes. SIGH Y'KNOW IT'S DAMN HARD MANAGING THE ONLINE STORE ON MY OWN LAH. Can't blame anyone but myself though.....and even though most of my customers understand that it's tough, I MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS SHIT IM DOING TO MY NAME! Been having new customers who are complaining a lot to my mum and my salesgirls and all.....quite sad uh. Cus i'm really doing my best. PUTTING SO MUCH TIME IN THIS. I am only human though...can only manage THIS much. The more i try to save time but doing it fast, the more mistakes i'll make. :( SO PEK CHEK?!

AM GLAD I'VE FINALLY DECIDED TO DO THIS. Should've done so a looooong time ago. My mum just goes on and on about this but i refused cus i like doing everything :/ Haha i'm a bit uhm...."gey kiang" you know? Think i'm all wonder woman and all. OH WELL I AM NOT~~~

Wow...wordy much.


Am at Marisse's crib. Love her room. So cozy.

"fighting god"

"call me"

Cannot help but to burst into laughter when i look at mars do her thing with the mask on. HAHAHA.