Friday, January 15, 2010

And so...

I'm not going to accept or bother reading anymore comments of ppl trying to bring me down. Worse, asking me to give up on the online store.

Cus today I discovered the problem. It's not that my staff hasn't been doing their job. I four a pile of shipment stickers lying under the table from another staff and my new staff wasn't aware. Therefore resulting in tons of stuff not sent out. It's kinda like a case of miscommunication cus I told the other staff to ship out those but she thought she only needed to do the stickers & left it underneath. Hmm so like ppl who think I employ bad staff and am not training them, guess it's wrong.

Shan't defend myself anymore and will do the best I can to resolve te shit now. Am pretty sure if it wasn't for this miscommunication, this wouldn't even happen? I guess my new staff didn't reply some ppl cus she too thought it's alr been mailed. She shouldve replied though but this has alr been solved!

Oh well time can't be turned back so yeah.

Anyhowz, tmr my office (the plaza, park royal hotel beach road #04-133) will be open as I'll be selling my preloved apparels! My closet is soooo full I have to do this. Still overflowing with clothes so if tomorrow's sale goes well I'll do another next week~

& for those who wna come down to settle ur matters, feel free to do so. If not, email me at!

P.s I'm sad enough this has to happen. For the haters, Pls stop being mean and leaving nasty comments ESP not not having the best time of my life. Would appreciate it a lot! You can be mean all u want once I get over this period, I'll entertain u. No mood for that now! I