Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Have ya'll caught Hachi?

If you haven't go watch it!! Beautiful story that'll tug at your heartstrings. If Marley & Me made you cry, this one will surely make you cry 10 times more. I didnt think of watching it until C briefly told me what it was about...

It's about the loyalty of a dog. The dog walked his owner to the train station in the morning and then picked him up from the train station at evening time everyday. Then there was this one day, his owner never came back cus he died of a heart attack. However, he still faithfully waited at the same spot at the same time everyday for 9 years till he died. Read more (here).

Oh! Did i not mention? 'm having 2nd thoughts about driving...ever since my 3rd practical lesson. Have a very bad feeling. Like what everyone says, i'll prolly kill whoever who's in my car? Y'know up till today, I cannot even brake properly!! So much for being so enthu when it came to passing my theory. The theory part was supposed to be the hardest part of it no?? At least i thought it'll be since I'm such a "hands on" person?

Ugh....but i shan't give up cus i really want to drive a pink car. If you've been reading my blog since i started, the following pictures would be familiar as hell cus this is like the 3/4th time posting about it! IT'S BEEN MY DREAM SINCE 14!

Previously it was about how i can't wait to get my license~ Now...when i can get it already...SIGH. As long as it's a beetle and pink - any shade of pink! I don't care if the car is lousy or what!

I know if i don't get a driving license i'll NEVER get to get it...don't think my boyfriend would wanna drive this just for me? Hmm....or maybe he would...? ;) HAHA.

Ok maybe it's too soon to give up....imma go book my next lesson. Shall decide after that.

p.s i'm SO sick and tired of explaining myself. even if i do, people will still make their own fucking assumptions. will prove to those who listen & to those who still want to talk shit, go ahead. i don't live to please the world. believe i've said my piece, taken the blame and acted responsibility for what's not entirely caused by me. apologised umpteen times and did all i can to resolve the mess. plus, i wouldn't last this long if i've been cheating my way up. think about it.

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