Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hong Kong Trip with The Boy

Not exactly a super fun trip because i came here with very little cash which means NO SHOPPING FOR ME! :( A big fat waste, really. But SELF-CONTROL!!!!!! I've to do lotsa business planning when i'm back so yes....

Moreover, the aim was to come here to Destress. Spending money would mean addition stress when i check my bank account when i'm back.

I'll just blog with pictures! Didn't really bother about the street names and everything so i can't tell ya'll where to shop. There isn't many places with cheap shopping though? Hmm...wait i don't know...cus the boys just care about brands, brands & brands. Oh but the shops that do resale of branded bags are AWESOME. They've my dream Balenciaga & Hermes bags! I know it's only Balenciaga but sorry man, ain't no richie rich spoilt brat. :(

K so anyway! I'm living at YMCA hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui which is quite an awesome location to be in~ So near the shopping malls, all branded goods, so yeah....but great for window shopping! :)

Meet my Colorful Friend! Hahaha. Kinda in love with soft toys now. Particularly Carebears. & Hello Kitty. I know right...quite act cute and all hahaha but it makes me happy so who cares!

We're here with Sheen!

Loving uh this picture.

Mario princess Sheen got for me from the turn turn machine! I love the turn turn machines! The one you turn and get a ball with a mini toy inside machine? Yeah that.

Oh today's the 4th day and we spent the entire day at Ocean Park! Super duper fun!

The Chicken Cassidy won!


Gay Tourist

So wanted this but they think it's ugly...:(

Then got this headband with 2 Sheen Lookalikes on it. Resembles him? Haha

Sheen got me a Kitty ring! He found the turn turn machine....about HK$5 a ring and i ended up getting 4! Made the boys wear 1 each. Got them some attention from at Bottega staff who squealed when she saw the ring the boys were wearing hahaha.

That's all! Quite relaxed already~~~ sooooo ready to go back and start working my ass off!!!!! So much to do....feeling quite eff-ed up for not being able to complete everything b4 heading for the trip...but the trip was SO SUDDEN. Stupid C...but i'm happier now. Though shit did happen during the trip. Think i cried like everyday i think? No wait....i really did. Fucking baby. Ha. But really felt so helpless cus i was so faraway from everything!! Oh well......tomorrow will be good!!!!!!! IT BETTER BE!

I'm going to take a bubble bath now! Bought some hello kitty bubble bath soap from H&M. DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE H&M!!!!!! Better than F21 hands down. Sigh~ Singapore NEEDS H&M!

SO NEED TO EXERCISE WHEN I RETURN. Can't stand my face. My complexion is sooooo dry too. AHHHH AM GOING BACK AN UGLIER ME. :(

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