Monday, January 11, 2010

Results, results

I've been so busy lately i hardly have any time to blog! So anyway, i've hired a new staff to do the e-mails so i'd have more time to do my own stuff but looks like it isn't an excellent idea cus now, my personal e-mail has been bombarded with angry customers! Do give her till Tue to reply your e-mails k? She's new! Now we have about 3-4 staff in the office to make things much faster so don't worry about not getting your items promptly anymore cus you will (unless stated that it's a backorder...?). Please note that weekends aren't working days therefore she will only reply today, Monday!

Tonight @ 7pm, i'll be updating the webstore with new apparels so do check 'em out!

I've some more pictures from the Hong Kong trip but i'll probably upload them when i'm more free tomorrow.

Now i shall get some work done and then accompany a few to collect their O Level results! Btw, good luck all. :)

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