Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two O One O

Oh whee! Happy new year all! How's the first day going for you? Mine didn't go so well:( am supposed to be at zouk for bloody beetroots but I'm staying in. Mmhm something just didn't feel right so yeah. Problems at work, family and now...friends? Maybe I'm just thinking too much cus ever since I got into a relationship I feel like ive drifted away from my friends & feel like they don't need/care anymore? & thts my biggest fear....I don't want that to happen cus even if I have C, without my friends, I'll still feel lonely. What's making it worse is my family and work stress...breaking down...slowly.

Thank god for the surprise getaway trip to hong kong C planned! Really need it! People who saw me lately hve been telling me how look worn out all the time. Too much going thru my mind. :(

But there are things which I can't say yeah I'll only happy things! Can't wait for the trip! I get to dress up! Layer layer layer cus it's cold in hk now.

See you tomorrow if u drop by fep-I'm working! :) did I mention how much I'm enjoying work in the boutique?? :)

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  1. Hey beautiful. Been reading through your blog ever since I've discovered it few weeks back. You're ridiculously fit! Cheers & Take Care!