Friday, January 15, 2010

Wish i was a student

The stress is killing me. Why must everything happen at a go!

Thankful for the concerned people out there who sent me e-mails to comfort me. Definitely needed some of that after reading so many negative remarks.

I'm in a situation where i've to take the blame for something not done by me cus it's my online store & now, i'm left to resolve matters not caused by me.

I'm sorry Don, you've to face stress like this. Don's my new staff replying e-mails and she took over at the end of Dec. She's new and very unfamiliar with the insides of an online store therefore being rather slow in replies. Slowly the e-mails piled up and now it's pretty hard for her to manage everything on her own. Because i don't wish to have any more issues till everything is resolved, the online store has been temporary closed till 1 FEB 2010! That means no income for me for half a month. YOU'VE NO IDEA HOW STRESSFUL THAT'S GONNA BE.

Meanwhile, i'll put all the stocks from the online store at my shop at Far East Plaza #04-133! Do pay a visit if you can. Everything's going at $27, that's about the online price so yup hopefully i'll be able to survive on the earnings from the boutique alone.

It's not easy. Really. Cus the rental at F.E.P is effing high, the house to pay for, the office and the wages... omg shall not list it out here. I dare not think about it. All i can do is pray and trust god to help me with this.

I can't help but to blog about it not asking for sympathy but some understanding! People think i'm just being an unreasonable bitch by asking my customers who've problems to come look for me instead of me contacting them personally but am i suppose to know who received and who hasn't? So they only way is for them to inform me via email or meet me on Saturday at my office since i'll be there? I really don't see what's so wrong about it! Do you think i don't want happy customers? Do you think i deliberately want to provide bad customer service (when right from the start, i feel that's like the most important thing in a business)?

But then again, a customer is always right. That's why i said, i've to take the blame no matter what.

All i can ask for is a little more understanding? I don't want things to end up so messy and bad. I want to turn back time and get the clean reputation my brand had. is unpredictable. It all started when i started hiring staff. Nothing beats doing everything on my own....but it really isn't possible now that it has grown and i definitely need more manpower. I do hope Don enjoys her job in time to come despite a bad start and will be able to get used to it.

Sometimes, I ADMIRE THE LIFE OF A STUDENT. But then again, i love my business. It's my dream. My goal is to expand overseas in about a year or 2.