Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bunny Kitty

My $2 Bunny Ears from Daiso!

Now i've 4!!!! And this is my favourite cus it's the cheapest and has sequins~~~


And that's the Hello Kitty C bought me a few months back...AN OVER FED KITTY.

Speaking bout Hello Kitty...Y'know the rings i bought from the capsule machine in Hong Kong??? Donna found the capsule machine in Singapore!!!

BUT!!! C wanted to get 10 for me. He changed he $10 note for 10 $1 coins and when he went to the machine thanks to DonnaWonna..IT'S NOW EMPTY. NOT EVEN A SINGLE ONE FOR ME. (lol then the poor boy ended up with a super heavy wallet thx to the coins)

For some weird reason, I AM DESPERATE for the Pink & Black ring. Been running all over town checking out capsule machines. THINK I'VE SPOTTED ALMOST OVER 200 MACHINES...NOT ONE DISPENSES HELLO KITTY RINGS!! :(


I want to fly to hong kong, go to ocean park for those rings. There were 2 machines in that area!!!!!

So weird for me to be whining and praying for $1 capsule toy but...I'M ON THIS SUPER TIGHT BUDGET TILL MARCH. So yes...i've quit surfing the net to look @ shoes, bags and clothes (cus i know i can't resist)! Thank goodness im always at C's place cus the internet connection is S-L-O-W to the max. Maybe i shan't complain about the sucky connection...cus it looks like it's actually good for me!

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