Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chasing Black

My Hello Kitty Rings!


It's amazing how $1 rings can make me feel this happy!

I can't believe i'm dressed in basics everyday!! CUS ALL MY NEW CLOTHES ARE SO PRETTY I WNA WEAR 'EM DURING CNY! Ive more than enough Maybe can do a fashion show uh. Half day then change into another outfit. Hahaha.

K stupid.

Need to go meet C. We're gonna catch Valentines Day. LOOKS LIKE THE BEST SHOW EVER PLEASE. SO EXCITED. :)

p.s i am also back to being active on Twitter! Quite irritating cus i like to spam when i'm bored but it makes up for my lack of posts? Hehehe!

p.s p.s IM LOVING MY HAIR MORE THAN EVER! I cut like 2" of the extensions. Hate how thin the bottom i trimmed the fake hair to the same length as my real hair. WITH AN EYE BROW SHAVER. LOL. I'm quite amazing. I KNOW HAHAHAHA.

But before i end...

I'd like to introduce Chasing Black to ya'll!

Really very very in love with their stuff~ The first time i visited their site, i was AMAZED. Everything was so...Me!

Their collection consists of lotsa outerwear with studs, leather, black....For those who love the fierce punk look!

p.s My shop sells lotsa simple dresses which would look much better when paired with a statement jacket. Sometimes, the collection for the simple dresses dont come with jackets and it definitely isnt easy to look for one. But now, you can get those outerwear from Chasing Black to complete the look!

Founded by Hazel and Randal in December 2009, CHASING BLACK offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted clothing and accessories available online, as well as unique inspired designer pieces. The two girls are currently majoring in Business Management in a local university and because of their undying love for fashion and their belief that you can never go wrong with black outfits, they went on a quest at different parts of the world for a wide range of jackets, blazers,vests, and more--which is tailored each season to satisfy your runway cravings with original pieces that continue to inspire designers and trendsetters alike.

All of their items are handpicked with care for its style, wearability, most importantly QUALITY. Because every design is limited in stock and not mass-produced, they are extremely rare. Backorders do not happen very often.

Chasing Black's buying department is highly informed of current trends, and often ahead of the game—giving you not only just what the fashion doctor ordered, but a truly high-quality item that will make you the envy of every fashion fast forwarders.

ChasingBlack will be setting up a booth and having their first ever runway show at YMCA on 7th March!! Be there to catch them 'live' for their next collection that will guarantee to not disappoint!

The place will be decorated using the works of NAFA students and aspiring photographers to create an artistic atmosphere breathing with creativity and inspiration! There will also be special performances by our own local talents to entertain the crowd during the intermissions!

So what's the goal of this event?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Hide not your talents, they were made for use.” We would like to use this opportunity to serve our local talents a platform to be discovered and have their dreams realized. An exclusive event to garner interests and publicity to grow your business!

Do visit Chasing Black today!

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