Sunday, February 7, 2010

Forever and Almost Always.

(Hmm very familiar cus i remembered a recent post in our 987 blog...not very long ago...)

Oh dear M, y'know i can't help but to want to clear the air after reading your assumptions. You can only make your friends, who don't know me, think i'm a loser but those who know me won't agree with anything you say. You should know better how it feels to get ACCUSED. Don't do to people what you don't want people to do to you. Oh and if you blame me for being the cause of D's court're stupid. I didn't ask D to fight. I always reminded him how violence won't solve anything but he chose to do it his way? Still...up to today, i feel sorry and wished it never happened but what's the use...what's done can't be undone. Still, all the best! Hope you aren't the kinda person everyone's telling me you are cus that'll be so sad for D.

Thank you Anonymous for her blog link. Made my day. Made me see what kinda dude D can be..tsk tsk TSK!

Anyway mini collection will be up today!

Sneak peeks avail at the OSF Facebook page.

Tonight is my parent's wedding dinner! It's not gonna be a big thing cus they're saving up $$ so we can fly over to the states to have another dinner with his family! Really excited cus mummy's friend & i have got sthng up our sleeves. :)

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