Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Lover Boy <3: Then I meet you wherever you are la?
Tammy<3: I'm gg tampines t eat tom yum hehehe
Lover Boy <3: You slowly get ready all first la
Lover Boy <3: Then I meet you there
Tammy<3: Yup
(2 hours later about to leave home to tampines to get my kitty rings)
Lover Boy <3: Eh
Lover Boy <3: Where you?
Lover Boy <3: IMG00008-20100210-1412.jpg ( 372.86 KB )
Lover Boy <3: You like my new rings?
Tammy<3: Heheheheh
Tammy<3: Baby!!

He filled his 5 fingers with hello kitty rings! The ones I was dying to get!

Life can't get any better than this:)

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