Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Cassidy's birthday!

Woke up early to prepare lunch for him. It was so tough dragging my ass outta bed in the morning BUT I HAD TO CUS I DIDN'T WANT A DISAPPOINTED BIRTHDAY BOY.

Canceled plans for BRASIL a few days ago. Eating too much meat makes me feel sick. :( So since i know he really loves meat and i can't eat a lot of meat...i decided to prepare a meal full of meat just for him.


But of course, BRASIL's spread is bigger & better. If i brought him to BRASIL, i'd save time & $. :( I gey kiang~

I'm so lazy to go into details with no pictures....but my Twitter's full of info if for some weird reason you really wanna know how i spent yesterday.

Launching 2 exclusive designs and about 8 imported ones on tomorrow evening! Really small collection cus my other designs aren't ready.

Am excited because tomorrow i get to do the shoot in the 2 designs WHICH I ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH. Not saying it cus i want ya'll to buy it but I REALLY MEAN IT. I totally forgot about those 2 designs cus i did it 2 mths back. When it arrived today and i saw it...i reacted in a way like i wasn't the one who designed it. -.- RETARD MUCH. Lol.

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