Friday, March 19, 2010

P-p-p-poker Face

FINALLY!!! Found time to change the icons!!! Ok, still not completed BUT ISN'S IT PRETTY ALR! Hehe.

Got the icons here! Check it out!

p.s it's really simple! learn to do it here.

p.s next week i shall re-zhng my whole laptop! the blings for the union jack keep falling...:( still very pretty though but it's about time i changed it!

This lifestyle is getting tiring and boring...


So here i am, inside the room, on my laptop while the boys play their game. I realised i hardly see girls getting addicted to the game...or even...playing the game often?? Boys game i guess....

By the way, for people asking me not to tweet about playing poker etc. Honestly, I don't think it's illegal to play poker @ home....since it's among my own friends and not open to random strangers! Also because friends have called the police to be safe and i've found several information online like the following:

"It is legal to play poker in ones own home. law enforcement is not looking for a friendly, once in a while poker game. law enforcement is looking for organized poker games, where the stakes are too high, the games are played more than just once in a while, and someone, other than the players, is making a profit. a friendly game of poker is not very high on law enforcement's list of crimes. there are too many drug dealers, drug addicts, kidnappers, and terrorists that need attention, first."