Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm constantly on my phone. Don't know what i'll do without it! It's like my whole life revolves around it. If i live a day without my phone, i'd feel so lost and lonely!

I really am glad to own a Smartphone cus it really enables me to do so much more!

I get to update my Twitter every few hours to share and complain about my day. Check Facebook for updates whenever i feel like. Visit to get update on the latest fashion shows to get some inspiration for work.

Without a smart phone, i'd be so so busy on my laptop doing all the above at one go! And y'know...when i'm on my laptop, WORK COMES FIRST. Once i finish my work, i hardly have time to access any other sites cus i'd be SO drained.

With a smart phone, i'd be able to read a gossip blog in the toilet while taking a dump? Or during my journey to work, read and approve the comments on my blog?
A total time saver!

But of course...

I worry about my bills ALL THE TIME.

Always very scared i'd go over the limit.

SingTel Mobile Youth Plans (from $25.68 per month) offers:


Youth benefits are now available on 3G iFlexi (for Smartphone users) and iFlexi Plans (for iPhone users) with 12GB of local data usage.

Knowing so many youths these days are carrying Smartphones/iPhone, this plan will serve them all well!

What's the use of carrying a Smartphone without the usage of the internet? Or being limiting yourself to surf the internet for just a few minutes as you're afraid of your sky high bills? Totally defeats the purpose huh?

3G iFlexi and iFlexi Plans with 12GB local data usage, which is capped at $30+/mth, you get unlimited data usage! With the new plan, you can use it ever so often without worrying so much.

You also have unlimited music downloads from AMPed Music Store! Get the latest tracks to set it as your ring tone as and when you like!

Also, don't worry about missing your favourite Channel 8 drama shows when you're out because you can watch it via your phone on MobileTV!

Now you can Express Yourself Freely with SingTel Mobile Youth Plans. Visit any SingTel shop or for more details.

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