Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heart heart heartbreak

You say we stick it out through the thick and thin (whoah, yeah)
When the walls came down, you wouldn't let me in (whoah, yeah)
We've been through it all
My backs against the wall
It's crashin down on me tonight

And we're headin for a heart heart heartbreak
And I don't ever ever wanna hear you say
Don't say you love me
Don't even
Don't say you love me
You're leavin

Another day has passed. I'm still....Hurt. I hate feeling neglected but well, i can't force someone who no longer loves me to care. Yknow his reason to not call/text me anymore and have nothing to do with me? "I love you. That's why i'm letting you go. I'm not good enough. I will love you forever blahblah" Which is stupid. Why assume he's not good enough and will never be that's why he is letting me go? I didn't say that nor thought so. Only thing said closest to that is he used to treat me better and now he is mean and i wish he'd realise it and revert back. Change is possible. You can be good enough if you want to. If he loved me enough, he'd understand and be patient right?

Wake up, wake up, Tammy. It's about time you realised boys just say things like that to not look like jerks! They just got bored of the whole being attached thing and want to be set free! To go out and play! He is only like 18, lots out there for him to explore. After all he also said something about wanting to grow up before getting into it. Another stupid reason....lol. Just wish you'd stop sugar coating everything you say. Be direct. I can take it the truth. I'd rather hear the truth.

Need to stop the sad posts already!!!

p.s THE CHARLENE JOYCE BELOW IS AN IMPERSONATOR. No wonder so daring luh....I feel so bad to the real Charlene....EVERYBODY TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID!!!!! Sorry Charlene!