Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last night was a great night spent with Ly, Freda, Chris and her boyfriend. Some non-emo hours! Which was good....till....this morning. SIGH.





I actually think i did something stupid....REALLY STUPID. Something the book said not to do....but i did it anyway. I think it's a HUGE mistake....cus now i feel CONFUSED all over again.

The phone is clearly one of the best inventions of all time, but it is also the most lethal of weapons during a breakup. It mocks you when it's silent, it beckons to you when you're drunk and it's only too glad to tell you,"You have no new messages".

The first rule of the smart girl's breakup is NO CALLING. The same goes for text messaging, instant messaging, BlackBerrying. Especially if you're the one who initiated the break up. Actions speak louder than words, calling him doesn't say "I'm cool with this whole break up thing and just wanted t see what was going on because im a mature adult" - it says, "I still need your approval and am lost without you."

I wish i could just share with ya'll the whole chapter!! Well i'm at the 2nd chapter now....and every chapter i complete, i'd love to share it with all the broken hearts out there to make ya'll feel better AND TEMPT YOU TO GET THE BOOK CUS IT HELPS. TRUST ME. IT DOES. It wakes you up! Like how it did, just now....that's when i realised i made the huge mistake. Ok ... so like C & I talked last night and all was good...but we woke up to quarrel...and now...i'm keeping all these anger inside cus i don't want him to walk out on me again. BUT I KNOW THAT'S NOT RIGHT. WHY CAN'T I STAY STRONG?! URGHHHHHHH.

Oh and my mum, IS PISSING THE HELL OUTTA MY CUSTOMERS AND ME. I mean, she handles the accounts....and when it comes to refunds, she has to do it....but what does she do? Ignore my countless number of e-mails reminding her to do it and what do i get? CUSTOMERS SCOLDING ME. I don't expect my customers to understand...instead, SHE NEEDS TO FREAKING UNDERSTAND PPL PAY WITHIN 48 HOURS, THEY SHOULD GET THEIR REFUNDS WITHIN 48 HOURS! Why...Why do i ALWAYS have to face shit...that isn't caused by me? To take the blame, for what i didn't intend to do.

My life. Urgh.


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