Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last week i attended the CREATE2011 event with a few bloggers. The Muttons from 987fm were the hosts for the event~~ Goodness i love them. THEY ARE SUPER FUNNY!

CREATE2011, an annual engineering challenge brought to you by the Creators of Tomorrow in collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Nokia and the Science Centre.

The CREATE2011 Challenge is this: come up with a brilliant idea related to the theme of Future Mobility, one which can improve the way we play, think, live and connect. Your idea should be based on Science and Technology, but other than that, you have free reign.

Connect me with friends: "Show me what's happening at my friend's party."
Adapt and move with me: "Go small. I'll speak into my little finger and listen with my thumb."
Sustain itself: "I walk, jog, dance and it recharges itself."
Fuse physical and virtual worlds: "Bring this statue to life when I look through my camera's eye."
Create an internet of things: "Tell my fridge to beam a grocery list to my phone when I'm shopping at Cold Storage."
Preserve an autonomous lifestyle: "Detect and avoid obstacles wherever I go."
Tap on the crowd's wisdom: "Let's create tomorrow's world together. Interested?"

Trash the box. Think way outside of it. We want ideas that aren't tied down to a desk or a power socket, ideas that truly improve "the quality of moving freely"

Y'know....if it wasn't for the engineers, our phones wouldn't be what it is now. I WOULDNT HAVE MY WONDERFUL BLACKBERRY WHICH I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! Remember our Nokia 8250/3310? The one we used to play Snake and listen to the radio with. Oh wait, does it even have radio? Well compare that to the phones now.....we can do SO MUCH MORE! Yay engineers of the world! Thank ya'll!

So well, any future engineers? Are you brimming with wonderful ideas? Dying to be an agent of change? Then show us your brilliant ideas based on the theme of Future Mobility that may revolutionise the way we live tomorrow.

Gather a couple of friends, form a team of 2 or 3 members and start brainstorming now!

Start by registering your team here.

There are 2 categories you can register under:
• Junior category – Students aged 13 to 16
• Senior category – Students aged 17 to 19

Submit your entry by 30 June 2010, you might just walk away with a Nokia handphone – our way of rewarding you for submitting early.

This year, the prizes for the CREATE2011 Challenge are sponsored by Nokia, in collaboration with Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Science Centre.

In total, the CREATE2011 prizes are valued at more than SGD$20,000.

"When we talk about the "future of mobility", what comes to mind?"
Answer this question and the top 10 answers win a pair of movie tickets each!

Submit your ideas to us before 30 June 2010, you could walk away with one of three Nokia handsets we’re giving away to reward the early birds.

First 40 teams to submit will be entitled to Nokia vouchers!!

The 5 Finalist teams from each category will receive SGD$1000 per team. The school of each finalist teams will be given SGD$1000 to help their students further develop their idea.

For the team who wins the once-in-a-lifetime Nokia Experiential Journey Grand Prize, which includes a 4-day all-expenses paid (meals, airfare, accommodation) experiential journey to the Nokia Campus in Beijing, including tours to the Design Centre, and state-of-the-art Nokia manufacturing facility in China, as well as an exclusive visit to Nokia’s regional headquarters in Singapore to meet the people behind Nokia’s business and innovation.

Start by registering your team here

"When we talk about the "future of mobility", what comes to mind?"

Answer this question and the top 10 answers win a pair of movie tickets each!

p.s watch the CREATE2011 Launch video – for those who missed the exciting happenings at the event


  1. hey whats the fish eye lens you're using? what camera model and how much do those lens cost you?

  2. How do you control your bipolar disorder symptoms from reacting? I feel so fucked up now. Just broke up with my bf because of my raging mood swing and its all destroyed now.
    Im feeling very pathetic and I feel like I want to die. its like im so fucked up at first and very ego and bitchy and when i realised what had just happened i just regret and i start crying and begging for forgiveness.
    I dont like it :C

  3. I cannot control either :( thats why i experience failed relationships all the time. its hard to have someone who can tolerate it....its tiring....well but i believe we can find someone who loves us enough to accept us BPD sufferers !

  4. :C yup..maybe what you said is true. yup...hopefully God will send an angel who can accept us with our flaws :)

  5. I've bpd as well. The only way to control, is to cool down. You're so frustrated that you are getting so angry. and you know whatever youre doing or gonna do is not gonna help. The only way to control is to understand yourself better. From my own experience, whenever I know I'm gonna erupt, i let the other party know(sounds stupid) but im just trying to seek understanding from the other party. The easiest - be alone, do what you like, listen to music and reflect just for awhile. It takes awhile to get past that, but first, gotta handle yourself first. I dont know if whatever I've said helps, but I sincerely hope it does... because im the same .. failing relationships... sucks...

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