Saturday, August 28, 2010


And there's no one to talk to now. He's out and will be back only at lunchtime. I am so bored. What can I do right now? Can't sleep. But I'm tired, I can hardly move. Standing up to go to the toilet was difficult just now. If that's tough, can't imagine doing anything else but lie in bed.

Maybe all I need now is food. Stomach is churning and constantly making weird sounds.

Shall watch how I met your mother to distract myself and stop thinking bout food. 3 hours. 3 hours and the boy will be back. 3 hours and I will be shoving food down my throat. Fly time fly~

I wonder how was last night after I left. Was too drunk to make it to nana ☹ I hate missing out on fun. Pfft. least I got to spend more time with the cutest boy in the worrrld. Hehehe. That's much MUCH more important.
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