Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from a 20-30 min run.

Feels good. Whee~

Ok I know I've to run longer than that to be able to burn em fats but stupid calves, stupid stupid calves frking hurt like a bitch.

Don't feel so shitty about the nuggets + fries I had for supper last night anymore. Yeah, I forgot to mention.....

No idea what ill be having for dinner later. Maybe no dinner at all. Better. Ok sorta. Cus I might have supper at some weird time - which is worse. Plus supper for me is always macs. Hate mcdelivery!!! Too convenient. Too frigging convenient! Pfft.

Tday, I stepped into Borders and got A million little pieces as recommended by caxs. Can't wait to get started on it~

Got big bang theory too. Everyone's telling me how good the show is.
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  1. tip for calf muscles:

    Stretch stretch stretch!!

    just find a step on a staircase and do a calf stretch --> stand on the edge of the step with the ball of your foot on the step and the heel off and drop your heel. you're supposed to do it for like 5-10 mins. its really really good for relieving achy calves and for preventing bulk!

    if your house doesnt have steps, an alternative would be to use the wall. prop one of your feet up against the wall, balls of feet on the wall, heel on the ground, and then lean your weight on that foot, make sure you don't bend your knees! :)  this exercise is not as effective as the step on though.

    hope this helps a little!:D

  2. it would be good to read a book and keep your mind off other stuffs. (: don't do anything drastic to ruin your life.