Monday, August 16, 2010


Is it Diet Day 7 already?

Anyhow, really fail to the max cus this was my supper. I opened the refrigerator without expecting to find much. Sadly, I found this.

I have to go for a jog tonight.

Jap food or xiao long baos more fattening?

Ok why did I even bother asking that obviously the latter right? Haiz.....mad craving for xlbs. I'm meeting Yowz later see if he allows me to have xlbs.....otherwise we'll just settle with the usual japanese restaurant. :( well well I do hope I skip lunch.......if I do then xlbs would be totally fine!

Or should I suggest tom yum ban mian?


Need a mani done. Pronto! Probably after facial later? Any cheap + good nail palour in town?

p.s QUICKLY GET A BOOTH FOR THE WINKLE FLEA! I'll be having 2-3 booths on that day. TOO MANY THINGS TO SELL. :) SO COME DOWN K? Selling it REEEEEALLY cheap $10-20?

Come 21st August 2010, in conjuction with Singapore and the World's first ever Youth Olympic Games, The Winkle Family cordially invites one and all to Singapore's largest, first ever, tourist friendly, and pets friendly Flea Mall!

Held at the huge, and air-conditioned St James Power Station, there's always something for every one. From the music rocker dude department, to GIRLS ONLY department to even a FAMILY GARAGE deparment, The Winkle Family is pretty sure you will be able to grab something real cheap and feel that tingling satisfied sensation.

These are the different sections of the mall:

Winkle Hilton - Just For The Girls!

Winkle Records - The Music Department (Bands, artiste and whats not)

Winkle Balls - For the boys with balls! (from geeks to jocks to rockers, we got it all)

Winkle P & T - Stands for Winkle Pets & Toys

Winkle Pantry - Cakes, Brownies, Milkshakes and Yoghurt of cause!

Winkle Garage - For families who want to throw out anything!

One booth's $65 now! See la, ya'll dont register early this is what happens - price goes up! T'was $55 last week.

Still, it's gonna be a good event to sell your stuff! PLUS U CAN BRING UR DOGGIES DOWN! Show them off!

Find out more about the event by clicking HERE.

Register for a booth here NOW! LAST DAY FOR REGISTRATION!

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  1. aww thanks babe, you are so sweet to actually replied! yup i did went yesterday as my job is cancelled in the end lol!